Thursday, December 7, 2017

VS Sassoon Diamond Luxe Mini Straightening Brush Review

Price:30$ from Priceline and Myer


VS Sassoon Diamond Luxe Mini Straightening Brush is a travel size version of Original straightening brush. This brush is light weight and easy to handle, due to its rotating cord. I need to be careful and keep it away from my scalp as its bristles are hot. 

It is so convenient for everyday use and great for travelling too. It perfectly smooth and straighten my hair with out looking flat.  It do take some time  to work because of is small size but that's Ok for me. I have medium length hair but I think for long hair hair it will take a lot of time to straighten.

Overall, I really like this brush, it is more suitable for short to medium hair. It is a perfect for those who  do not want to spend much on hair styling tools.

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