Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Becca Jet, Set ,Glow Review

Price:35$ from Sephora, Adore Beauty

Becca Jet, Set ,Glow contains three products 
  • Backlight Priming Filter (15 ml / .5 oz)
  • First Light Priming Filter (15 ml / .5 oz)
  • Under Eye Brightening Corrector (2.3 g / 0.08 oz)
I really like the sizes of these three products., you can see in pictures, these are very good sizes.

I have used both primers, for me Back light Priming Filter works much better. It gives subtle glow to my complexion and hydrates my skin very well. First Light Priming Filter is also good but difference is not much noticeable.

I actually bought this pack to try Becca Under eye Brightening Corrector but I am not so impressed with the results. I found that it is more suitable for young girl. 

Lets talk about the value of this set, these three products are exactly half size of full version. The prices are calculated according to Sephora Australia website. Both primers valued 32$ each and Under eye Brightening Corrector is valued  25$. So the total value of the pack is around 89$ which is really very good. 

Overall, I like this pack and it is great for those who wants to try Becca products before buying full size version. It can be a perfect gift for makeup lover.

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