Monday, October 16, 2017

Highlighters Review - The Balm Mary lou manizer, Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector and Tarte Amazonian Clay highlighter Exposed

These are my top three high end highlighters. All of them are creamy, pigmented and last for long time on my cheeks.  Here is a quick comparison of these three highlighters.

Swatches from left to right
The Balm Marylumizer, Becca Shimmering Skin Serfector, and Tarte Amazonian Clay highlighter in Exposed

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer: A pale highlighter, gives subtle glow, perfect for everyday use.

Becca Shimmering skin Perfector in Moonstone: It is whiter than Thebalm Mary Lou Manizer. It is highly pigmented, I only need small amount for each use. It gives intense glow more suitable for occasional wear but for daily use it can be applied light handed.

Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 hour Highlighter in Exposed: It is darker than other highlighters, but looks more shiny and glittery on my light to medium skin tone.  It is more powdery and you need to use it carefully. 

My favourite is Becca Moonstone, while The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is great for subtle glow. Tarte highlighter is my least favourite as it is more golden and has some glitter too. 


  1. I know the Mary Lou Manizer has been out for a very long time, but I am finally thinking about buying it xx

    Indie// In Search of the Holy Grail

    1. It is very subtle IndieAna and great for natural looks, worth trying.

  2. I love the Mary Lou Manizer, it's such a pretty colour. I'll need to check out that Becca highlighter too!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. It is my favourite too, Becca is great for occasional use.


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