Friday, August 18, 2017

My Favourite Recent Discoveries

Recently, I introduced to a number of new beauty product, Here is some of my favourite discoveries.

Cushion Foundations
Cushion foundations are new in beauty market, I actually love the idea behind cushion foundations. Their application method saves a lot of time, and being  medium coverage, it gives me natural looking fresh beautiful skin.

The Body Shop Liptint
Lip tints are in the market for long time, but I never thought of trying them. Luckily I got TBS lip and check tint from their clearance and I am super impressed with the formula. This higly pigmented lip tint has thick gel like consistency and last for long time on my lips and checks. It looks very natural and gives me no make up look.

Dermalogica exfoliator
This powder form exfoliator is new to me, I am pleasantly surprised that it works like a magic for my dry skin. It gently removes dry patches and even blackheads making my skin silky soft. The regular use brings more improvement to my skin. I love both microfoliant and superfoliant.

Neutrogena Micealer foam
I can not believe that a single product can remove all your make up, but this product actually does it. It gently clesns my face without striping my skin.

Klara reset gel
I explored this product at the end of the last year and I am blown away by the results.I apply it before using foundation, It balled up and gently removes dead skin in seconds. Having dry skin, I often have problem with foundation application, but with this product makes my skin silky smooth and hydrated as well. 

Have you tried any of these, what is your favourite recent discovery? 

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