Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sephora and Mecca Haul

I was in sydney last week, my accommodation was close to Macqarie shopping centre. It was such a big mall with Mecca and Sephora stores. I also did some shopping from H&M as we do not have it in Canberra.

When it comes to beauty products, I try to spend only on those items which I really need (but this try was failed at the end). I was looking for some highlighters, setting powders and concealer. First I went to Mecca, I was looking for Hourglass highlighter but SA explained me that It is much better to invest in Ambient Lightening Powder, because they can work as a finishing powder and a highlighter for my skin tone. Her suggestion was really very helpful, the shade Diffuse light is very versatile and can be used in both ways. I also got By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder mini for 15$, I need to try loose powder to set my makeup. The mini contain 1.3 gram which looks a lot for me. 


I also visited Sephora after doing some online research about sale items. But the sale items in store was totally different from online and nothing attracts me. I ended up buying Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer which was a full price product. I got it in shade Macadamia, it was creamy concealer great for under eyes and blemishes.

On our last day I was just walking around Pitt street and enjoying Sydney. I had no plan to buy anything but then I entered into Sephora. There was further 20% off on all sale items and I am surprised that there very good selection of product. Who can resist when Marc Jacobs foundation is down to 32$ from 60$, luckily I got my shade. I also picked Kat Von D concealer and lip duo for 16$ each. I ended up spending 64$ at Sephora for these three items.

I have not try any of these brands specially Sephora ones, they are not available in Canberra. I will review some of these products on my blog soon. Have you manged to get some bargains recently, love to hear your experience.

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