Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Favourite Budget Brush Brands

Do you know that we do not need to spend tons of money on makeup brushes. There are a lot of brands which offer superior quality makeup brushes with lower price tag.

Here are my top three budget brush brands.
  • Ecotools
  • Platinum Beauty
  • Real Techniques

 Ecotool Brushes

I recently got some brushes from Eco tools and I am really loving them. They are lightweight, soft and fluffy. I have washes them few time and have not experience any hair fall.  If you are looking for some new eye shadow brushes, I highly recommend Enhancing Eye Set. It contains 2 double sided high quality brushes, so you will get 4 brushes in total. Ecootools Ultimate Concealing due is an other pack which they recently introduced. It conatins two brushes, a pointed one for spot coverage and a bigger one for blending.  They perfectly cover the imperfections and gives airbrush finish.

                                                                        Platinum Beauty

Platinum Beauty
I am really surprised to see these brushes, their quality is not less than high end brushes, I have reviewed these brushes here, They are super quality affordable brushes which are easily available at your local Woolworths.

                                                                   Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques
Real Techniques is also one of the best brushes in the markets. Their brushes are super soft and fluffy, they are on pricier side as compared to other brands but still worth considering. Their blush brush and duo fiber brushes are my favourite.

Have you tried any of these brushes, Love to hear your thoughts.

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