Friday, July 28, 2017

Beauty Redefined - Max May Makeup Kit Must-haves Masterclass at the Canberra Centre

I was lucky to be a part of Max May Make up kit must haves master class. I have learned a lot in this event. The class was held in Canberra Centre's new Beauty Precinct . Upon arrival we are welcomed by a glass of champagne.  All the participants received a gorgeous goody bag full of makeup. 
Here is a brief description of his makeup application tips.

  • Skin preparation is very important, so use a hydrating cream in the first step and apply giving message. He also use Jurlique eye balm in addition to moisturiser.
  • Apply Foundation according to the skin type, application method can vary. You can use fingers or brush, but applying with finger is his favourite method, because it warm the skin which resulted in better application and absorption. It takes a lot of time to apply the foundation.
  • Use Full coverage concealer to cover blemishes, dark spot, or acne marks. Use a radiant concealer for radiance but it will provide light coverage.
  • Highlighting is an other important step, here are different points of highlighting or brightening which are shown in above picture.

  • Enhance rather than cover. Choose the feature you like and enhance it. Do not bother about tiny details no one look so closely.
  • The next step is eyebrows, brush brows to know their natural shape and then fill them accordingly. He use brow gels and brush in seeping motion, we can also brow pencils for this purpose
  • Matte Bronzers  are preferable to use, it needs to be apply on cheeks, underneath the jaws ans temples. 
  • Using eye shadows are the next step and we should start from light shades and then use darker colour.
  • Eyelash curler are great to enhance eyes, also use mascara for defined eyelashes. 
  • Apply blush on apples of the cheeks, then highlight cheek bones, nose, Inner corner of eyes and cupid brow,
  • Lipstick is the last step, he applied it with fingers. He advised that use a nude lipstick that has your natural lip colour undertone.

That's all,  these tips are really very useful.  I was impressed with the final results, the model looks gorgeous with these make up techniques.

At the end, all participants were entertained with delicious refreshment. Honestly, It was a fun filled and I enjoyed each and every part of the event.  I hope that Canberra Centre will continue hosting these kind of events in future. I highly recommend checking Canberra center website, and buying tickets early because there are limited seats in all events.

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