Friday, July 28, 2017

Beauty Redefined - Max May Makeup Kit Must-haves Masterclass at the Canberra Centre

I was lucky to be a part of Max May Make up kit must haves master class. I have learned a lot in this event. The class was held in Canberra Centre's new Beauty Precinct . Upon arrival we are welcomed by a glass of champagne.  All the participants received a gorgeous goody bag full of makeup. 
Here is a brief description of his makeup application tips.

  • Skin preparation is very important, so use a hydrating cream in the first step and apply giving message. He also use Jurlique eye balm in addition to moisturiser.
  • Apply Foundation according to the skin type, application method can vary. You can use fingers or brush, but applying with finger is his favourite method, because it warm the skin which resulted in better application and absorption. It takes a lot of time to apply the foundation.
  • Use Full coverage concealer to cover blemishes, dark spot, or acne marks. Use a radiant concealer for radiance but it will provide light coverage.
  • Highlighting is an other important step, here are different points of highlighting or brightening which are shown in above picture.

  • Enhance rather than cover. Choose the feature you like and enhance it. Do not bother about tiny details no one look so closely.
  • The next step is eyebrows, brush brows to know their natural shape and then fill them accordingly. He use brow gels and brush in seeping motion, we can also brow pencils for this purpose
  • Matte Bronzers  are preferable to use, it needs to be apply on cheeks, underneath the jaws ans temples. 
  • Using eye shadows are the next step and we should start from light shades and then use darker colour.
  • Eyelash curler are great to enhance eyes, also use mascara for defined eyelashes. 
  • Apply blush on apples of the cheeks, then highlight cheek bones, nose, Inner corner of eyes and cupid brow,
  • Lipstick is the last step, he applied it with fingers. He advised that use a nude lipstick that has your natural lip colour undertone.

That's all,  these tips are really very useful.  I was impressed with the final results, the model looks gorgeous with these make up techniques.

At the end, all participants were entertained with delicious refreshment. Honestly, It was a fun filled and I enjoyed each and every part of the event.  I hope that Canberra Centre will continue hosting these kind of events in future. I highly recommend checking Canberra center website, and buying tickets early because there are limited seats in all events.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Tarte Cosmetics Haul

I recently placed order with Tarte and received my parcel within 12 days. Who can resist when its free international shipping. I ordered 3 kits which contains different travel size products. All of them were already reduced and I ended up spending 49AUD. It was really very affordable because of sale and free shipping.

Tarte Blush, Highlighter and Bronzer
Tarte Liquid Lipsticks

I like all these travel size products, specially the makeup minis are very cute.  I have never tried Tarte because it is not available in my city. 

 Have you tried Tarte before? love to hear your thoughts and recommendation.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

My Favourite Budget Brush Brands

Do you know that we do not need to spend tons of money on makeup brushes. There are a lot of brands which offer superior quality makeup brushes with lower price tag.

Here are my top three budget brush brands.
  • Ecotools
  • Platinum Beauty
  • Real Techniques

 Ecotool Brushes

I recently got some brushes from Eco tools and I am really loving them. They are lightweight, soft and fluffy. I have washes them few time and have not experience any hair fall.  If you are looking for some new eye shadow brushes, I highly recommend Enhancing Eye Set. It contains 2 double sided high quality brushes, so you will get 4 brushes in total. Ecootools Ultimate Concealing due is an other pack which they recently introduced. It conatins two brushes, a pointed one for spot coverage and a bigger one for blending.  They perfectly cover the imperfections and gives airbrush finish.

                                                                        Platinum Beauty

Platinum Beauty
I am really surprised to see these brushes, their quality is not less than high end brushes, I have reviewed these brushes here, They are super quality affordable brushes which are easily available at your local Woolworths.

                                                                   Real Techniques Brushes

Real Techniques
Real Techniques is also one of the best brushes in the markets. Their brushes are super soft and fluffy, they are on pricier side as compared to other brands but still worth considering. Their blush brush and duo fiber brushes are my favourite.

Have you tried any of these brushes, Love to hear your thoughts.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sephora and Mecca Haul

I was in sydney last week, my accommodation was close to Macqarie shopping centre. It was such a big mall with Mecca and Sephora stores. I also did some shopping from H&M as we do not have it in Canberra.

When it comes to beauty products, I try to spend only on those items which I really need (but this try was failed at the end). I was looking for some highlighters, setting powders and concealer. First I went to Mecca, I was looking for Hourglass highlighter but SA explained me that It is much better to invest in Ambient Lightening Powder, because they can work as a finishing powder and a highlighter for my skin tone. Her suggestion was really very helpful, the shade Diffuse light is very versatile and can be used in both ways. I also got By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra Powder mini for 15$, I need to try loose powder to set my makeup. The mini contain 1.3 gram which looks a lot for me. 


I also visited Sephora after doing some online research about sale items. But the sale items in store was totally different from online and nothing attracts me. I ended up buying Becca Ultimate Coverage Concealer which was a full price product. I got it in shade Macadamia, it was creamy concealer great for under eyes and blemishes.

On our last day I was just walking around Pitt street and enjoying Sydney. I had no plan to buy anything but then I entered into Sephora. There was further 20% off on all sale items and I am surprised that there very good selection of product. Who can resist when Marc Jacobs foundation is down to 32$ from 60$, luckily I got my shade. I also picked Kat Von D concealer and lip duo for 16$ each. I ended up spending 64$ at Sephora for these three items.

I have not try any of these brands specially Sephora ones, they are not available in Canberra. I will review some of these products on my blog soon. Have you manged to get some bargains recently, love to hear your experience.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara Review*

Price: 18.95$ from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Big W, Target, Supermarkets

Rimmel London Volume Shake Mascara Mascara has a big heavy chunky packing which can be shaken up to keep it fresh. It has traditional wand which has brush like bristle. The formula is creamy, thick and pigmented, one coat is enough for length and volume. The application is very easy, due to the traditional wand I can apply it within second.  This mascara instantly gives me long thick lashes with out clumping. It gives volume as well as length.  It do last for 5-6 hours on my eyes and then starts to fade. It is very easy to remove which is added benefit for me. It can be removed with makeup cleanser or micealar water or even warm water.

Overall, It is an innovative product which can last for one year on your makeup cupboard. You only need to shake it to keep it fresh.

*The product is provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quick Swatch - Lottie London Glossip Girl*

Price : 14$ from  Lottie London Website and ASOS

Swatches from left to right Bau-Friend, Crush and Bare

Lottie London Glossip Girls comes in a tube packing with doe foot applicator.  These lip glosses have creamy thick consistency and they are highly pigmented. They glide smoothly over lip and feel wet upon application but get dry after some time.  I love the fact that they are moisturising and keep my lips hydrated during the cold dry weather. They do last for up to three hours and I need to reapply it after eating or drinking. All of these shades are opaque, provide full coverage with glossy finish, you can see the swatches.

I like the shade selection as they are suitable for all skin tone. My favourite shade is Crush, it is perfect for cold winter days. 

This products is ideal for lip gloss lovers, It perfectly makes my lips glossy and juicy.

**The product is provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

Thin Lizzy Airbrush Veil Loose Powder Review

 Price: 39.99$ from Priceline and selected Pharmacies

I recently purchased Thin Lizzy gift pack, you can find details here. I did little research on Thin Lizzy and then give this product a try. Honestly I was not expecting much because loose powder does not work very well with my dry skin. But I really like this powder, it delivers all its claims. 

Thin Lizzy Airbrush Veil Loose Powder is lightweight translucent powder which I use all over my face. It instantly set my makeup, specially my under eye area. I do have fine lines around my eye but it does not enhance them. I feel like it is a perfecting powder, it gives me luminous finish with out glittery or shiny effect. It also help to reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, even my base looks airbrushed. It last for long time on my face with out being cacky or patchy.  

Overall,  I am so happy I discover this great product. I was not expecting much but it pleasantly surprised me.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Nude By Nature Advent Calendar Review

Nude By nature Advent Calendar released before Christmas. I have not bought it at that time but grabed it when it was on clearance at Priceline. The calendar has beautiful packing with rose gold writing and magnetic clasp.  It has 12 different box for products.

I got following products in this calendar.

DAY 1: Nude by Nature Rose Gold Compact Mirror
DAY 2: Perfecting Concealer 2ml (Medium)
DAY 3: Mini Beauty Sponge
DAY 4: Nude by Nature Rose Gold Tweezers
DAY 5: Perfecting Primer 15ml
DAY 6: Travel Nail File Set

DAY 7: Mini Eyeshadow Brush
DAY 8: Coconut & Lime Soy Travel Candle 
DAY 9: Sheer Light Illuminator 15ml
DAY 10: Cosmetic Pencil Sharpener
DAY 11: Mini Kabuki Brush
DAY 12: Radiant Loose Powder Foundation 4g (medium)

All of these products are really useful and pretty with rose gold packing. My favourite products are Soy candle, mineral foundation, illuminator and perfecting Primer.

I bought this for 15$ from my local Priceline and I am really very happy with its contents. But when I saw that it's RRP is 69.95$ I was actually shocked. I feel that it is little bit overpriced as contents do not worth this price tag. Also I bought it to try Nude By Nature products but it contains only 4 regular product while others are limited edition. If I compare it with benefit Advent Calendar, I can clearly see that Benefit one has all their iconic product and we can try them before buying full size.

This calendar contains beautiful products but it is not for those who want to try Nude by nature products.
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