Thursday, April 20, 2017

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil Review

Price: 42$ from Myer, Sephora, Princess Polly and Adore Beauty

Benefit Goof Proof pencil in shade 4

I got Benefit Goof Proof pencil in the last beautorium. It comes in a sleek silver packing which is actually very pretty. The pencil has twist function and you do not need to sharpen it. It has spoolie on one end which is very soft while angled pencil has teardrop shape. It is pigmented and one swipe is enough to show colour. The texture of the product feels smooth and it glides easily on my eyebrows. I own two shades 3 and 4, as BH sent me shade 3 by mistake. Both shades are brown but 3 is more reddish brown while 4 is blackish brown. The number 4 is perfect for me and it gives me natural dark brows with out artificial look.

I have thin brows with sparse hair, this pencil instantly makes my brow thick and bold, even I do not need to use any other brow product. It is water proof and lasts up to 8 hours with out smudging or fading.

Currently, Benefit Goof Proof pencil is my favourite brow product, the only dislike is its price. It is great for everyone but not for those who need precise brow application product.

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