Sunday, March 26, 2017

Platinum Beauty Makeup Brushes Review*

Price: 10$-30$ from Woolworth

 From left to right 
Platinum beauty Powder Brush, Blush Brush, Base Blending Brush and Eye Contour Brush
 Comparison with Real technique foundation brush size

From left to right 
A closer look- Platinum Base Blending Brush, Powder Brush, Blush Brush and Eye Contour Brush
 Platinum Base Blending Brush: RRP $14.99
Platinum Powder Brush: RRP $19.99  
Platinum Blush Brush: RRP $18.99
Platinum Contour Eye Brush:RRP 9.95$

Platinum Beauty introduced a new line of Makeup Brushes recently, these brushes are exclusive to Woolworths. I  have got 4 different brushes for the trial and honestly I am surprised with their quality. I will discuss these brushes individually but I have found some great things in all these four brushes. 

  • All of these brushes have a sleek design which is very similar to some high end makeup brushes. 
  • Their handle is made of good quality heavy plastic while bristles are soft, fluffy and dense.
  • They work great with all kind of products, but you need to be careful when using highly pigmented product (like my Illamasqua blush). 
  • All of these brushes feel soft and gentle on my face.
  • They are quick and efficient in applying makeup up
  • They do  pick the right amount of product and do not absorb much powder or liquid. 
  • I washed them, the bristles do not shed yet and they remain in their original shape. 
  • They are cruelty free and made of synthetic bristles.
Base Blending Brush: RRP $14.99
It is flat foundation brush which is slightly tapered. I apply it in buffing motion and it gently blend the foundation. It evenly applies cream or liquid foundation and gives me flawless finish with in few minutes. 

Powder Brush: RRP $19.99
The powder brush is big enough, you can see in the pictures how dense and fluffy it is. I use it in sweepy motions and it perfectly applies powder with little fall out. The quality is very similar to It cosmetics powder brush, they work really well on pigmented products.

Blush Brush: RRP $18.99
The blush brush is very good size and I use it for contouring too. Due to its shape, It apply and blends the product easily. I use it to apply blush, bronzer or strobe powder and it works great with all of them. I own RT blush brush but it is too big for my face. I love the size of this brush as it is great for small faces too. 

Contour Eye Brush: RRP $9.99
Eye brush is dense and little bit bigger for my small eye area. I use it along eye crease and it 
I used this brush for highlighting too. It nicely apply and blends powder products on my face and eyes. 

Overall, I like these brushes, I am happy that now quality brushes are available from supermarket at such a low price. It is difficult to find my favourite brush, but powder brush is something which I do not expect from drugstore, its quality is superb, way superior than other brushes. Base blending brush is also worth trying as it is great for liquid and cream foundations. 

You can find more details about Platinum Beauty Makeup brushes here.

*The product is provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.


  1. These look really pretty! i have never tried them before!

  2. It's a great collection of platinum makeup brushes. I believe makeup is an important part of women's life and a perfect makeup brush gives a beautiful finishing. That's why I love to use perfect makeup brush for my makeups & my Liquid Matte Lipstick for my lip.


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