Monday, March 13, 2017

Maybelline New York Brick Bronzer Review*

Price: 21.95$ from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse pharmacies and super markets

Swatches from left to right Shimmering bricks together, brown shade, rose shade, pink highlighting shade and Matte bronzer

Maybelline brick bronzer comes in a sleek black and rose gold packing. The pan is divided into two parts. One contains matte bronzer while other has skimmer bricks. First I like to discuss the matte bronzer. It is highly pigmented and little bit powdery, even one swipe is enough to show intense colour and I need to be careful when I use it. The bronzer is light tan and it is not muddy or ashy. The application is very easy with out much fall out, it blends effortlessly, only you need to use a soft good quality brush for perfect application. The bronzer looks good on my pale skin, it is little bit orangish and can be used for  contouring too.  It does last for long time on my face and starts disappearing after 7 hours.

Now come to the shimmer bricks, which actually amazed me. There are small bricks of three different shades of pinks and golds. These colours can be worn individually or can be used together for beautiful glowy bronzy complexion. When I used them together it warmed up my skin tone and leaves a beautiful sheen. The formula of these shimmer bricks are impressive, all of them are creamy, buttery, highly pigmented and truly wearable. I use the lighter one as a highlighter on my cheek bones, nose, forehead, and chin. I use them as eye shadows too, I apply lighter shade as brow highlighter, golden or pink shades on lid and matte bronzer as a transition colour. These bricks perform really very well as bronzer, highlighter and eye shadows.  

Overall, I like Maybelline Bricks Bronzer,  This is a versatile product, can be used as bronzer, eye shadows and highlighter. the price tag is high but Maybelline often goes on 50% off sale and you can pick this for 11$. The only down size is the shade selection, there is only one shade available for this product. I feel that this shade may not be great for cool tones, very fair and very dark skin coloured beauties.

* The product is provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

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