Monday, March 20, 2017

MAC VS Urban Decay Lipstick - Comparison

MAC Lipstick in Perfect Score (Matte): 36$
Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in Menace (Matte Comfort): 28$

MAC  in Perfect Score and Urban Decay in Menace

Here is a comparison of MAC and Urban Decay lipsticks, I own both of them in matte version.
  • Both comes in a strong beautiful packing, MAC has vanilla smell while UD is almost fragrance free.
  • In USA both lipsticks retails for 17 USD, in Australia MAC lipstick is sold for 36$ and Urban decay is for 28$. There is 8$ difference between the prices.
  • MAC is available at Myer, David Jones, and online at MAC's website where they often have free shipping. You can easily find MAC in all the cities of Australia (including Canberra). Urban Decay is only available at selected Mecca store and even we doenot have UD in Canberra. WE can only buy it online and ended up paying 10$ for the shipping.
  • MAC contains 3g product and UD contains 3.4g product which is 0.4g more than MAC
  • Both are highly pigmented, opaque and provide full coverage.
  • The formula of MAC is creamier and more hydrating than UD but both are comfortable to wear and non drying.
  • Both of them transferred a little bit but MAC has more tendency to stain cups and glasses.
  • On my lips UD last longer than MAC, it last up to 9 hours with eating and drinking while MAC gets patchy after 6 hours. Both does not completely disappears, I need to remove them properly at the end of the day.
Final Verdict: It is hard to decide which one is better as it depends on your preferences. I like Urban Decay more than MAC due to its longevity and price. But it is not available in Canberra, so if I want to buy an new lipstick I do not have option to buy UD.

In my opinion, Urban Decay is good for you if you like long lasting lipstick and you can buy it in store after swatching the shades. You can read my review here, I actually buy it online and you can see how it ended up. 

MAC is good for you if you like creamy hydrating matte lipstick. MAC is always a great option due to its availability, even there are plenty of reviews of MAC lipsticks which make it easy to find right shade for you.

Have you tried MAC or Urban Decay, which one is your favourite?

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