Thursday, January 12, 2017

New Year Resolutions 2017 - Beauty and Blog

Happy New Year everyone, Hope you are having great time in these holidays.

Here is some of my beauty and blog new year resolutions
  • I feel that I ignored my skin care last year, being in thirties, I need to focus on anti aging products. I will take care of my hands and feet as well, I have more than 8 hand creams but I forget to use them.
  • I am planning to regularly declutter my collection, like I have 70 lipstick but some are more than 3 years old. I will donate my extra make up and keep only those which work for me.
  • I need to avoid impulse buys specially when it comes to makeup. From now I am buying only those products which I actually need instead of what I want.  If I behaved well, I will treat myself with a single high end item.
  • I have tons of skin care samples which are roaming around in my house, I need to use all of them. 
  • Like all the beauty bloggers I have lots of products in my stash which need to be reviewed but I just kept buying new ones. Now  I have decided that before buying new ones, I will review 5 product which I already have.
  • I will shop my stash more often, specially when I am lusting some thing. I will try to find similar ones in my collection as it is useless to own two similar products.
  • This year I hope my life will be more settled so I try to post more on my blog and work to improve photography skills. We recently broke our camera at Wollongong beach, so we are buying new DSLR for better pictures.
  • I am planning to work more on my Instagram account and I will try to give a well organized new look to my Insta feed.
Thanks for reading, do you have any beauty resolutions for 2017?


  1. I'm definitely going to focus more on skincare too! 2016 has had its ups and downs and i want to make sure that i'm always putting my best face forward rather than letting my skincare slide.

  2. For Make up loves, it is always a challenge to religiously follow skin care routine. Hope in 2017, we will be more focused on skincare.


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