Friday, July 1, 2016

Cushion Foundations: Must have or Nice to have

In 2015, korean style cushion foundations are introduced by some high end make up brand. This year drug store brand are jumping into the cushion foundation bandwagon. Beauty junkies are curious about the new type of foundation and drugstore version make it easy to try it with out spending a large amount of money.  Loreal released first drugstore cushion foundation in Australia and  the coming up next is Physician's formula cushion foundation.

When I first come across cushion foundation, I though its is a foundation in the pan which is formed in a shape of foam. But then after doing some research I realized that it is a foam which is soaked in foundation.

Personally I liked to use cushion foundation because it is easy to use and works well with my skin.

Here are some facts about cushion foundations.

  • It is just like a normal liquid foundation which is soaked into foam.
  • Easy to use and great for touch ups, even a make up beginner can use this foundation perfectly.
  • They are different from each other in terms of coverage and longevity, so do your research before buying particular foundation.
  • Its hard to choose you shade by looking at the foundation, you need to try it on your face.
  • It is expensive, you only got 14-16 ml product with hefty price tag and then you can never use all the product as you can not get product out from foam.
  • You got actual product on your face after transferring it into 2 more product. First foam or cushion absorb  foundation, then you sponge have it and at the end it reaches your face. All this mean product waste.
  • Cushion foundation can easily get infected with bacteria or fungus.
At the end, it only depends on your personal choice, if you like that kind of packing then it is for you. I think Cushion foundations are nice to have and great for time poors. I really like my cushion foundation and love to use it. But if you are on tight budget and have concerns about infections then it is better to skip it, they are not must have in your make up stash. 


  1. I find cushion foundations quick and easy to use, some days my kids won't let me in the bathroom, so I can still easily apply some base before going out!!

  2. Same happenes with me Space of beauty, it is great for time poor mums :)


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