Saturday, May 28, 2016

Winter Skin Switch 2016

Winters are very cold in Canberra, its up to -5 in early mornings and even last year we had snow falling here.

I have changed my skin care routine for winter, here are face care products I am currently using.

BeeBio Facial Cleanser*:  It is very gentle and it cleans my skin with out making it dry.  If you are on budget, I highly recommend using Neutrogena Extra gentle cleanser, it is very similar to Beebio with lower price tag.

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 : I use it as scrub, it has very tiny beads and it gently exfoliates my skin.
Utraceuticals Ultra B2 Hydrating Serum: Truly hydrating serum and improves moisture level of my skin within few days.

BeeBio Active Manuka Honey and Royal Jelly Facial Cream*: For my dry skin, this cream works really very well and keeps my skin hydrated for more than 8 hours.

Cancer Council Ultra Cooling Sunscreen:  Actually this is from my husband's stash, I do not want to buy separate sunscreen for myself. Sunscreens get expired after few months of opening, so its more practical to open one, and other family members share it. I highly recommend using Cancer Council sunscreens because they have excellent rating in sun protection.

People of Plants Night Cream: This night cream surprises me, it instantly absorbs into my skin making it silky soft, even I can use it as day cream too.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lip Balm*: It hydrates my lips really very well and my lips feel soft smooth.

Few of the above products are my old favourite while some are new discoveries. I hope you have changed your skin care products for cooler months.

* PR samples

Friday, May 20, 2016

Collective haul - Benefit, Lanolips and Red Earth

I bought few things in last month,  Benefit "you are so party" gift pack is from Ebay while other products are from David Jones.

Benefit You are so Party gift pack contents
Benefit, Red Earth and Lanolips

I had few vouchers from David Jones Sampler tote 2016, you can read the details here. I had 20% off Red Earth and buy one get one free lanolips voucher. I have used them during sale period, Red earth was already 25% off and due to my voucher, it cost me 15$. Lanolips were also 25% off and I paid 10.50$ for one and got one free. I have never bought Lanolips before as I always feel that it is very expensive.

Now come to the next purchase, in the month of March I created my account on Ebay. Within few weeks I received 20$ off ebay voucher (on 30$ purchase) in my email. It was a surprise for me as I never bought anything there. My husband sometimes bought from there and he never received any voucher yet. For recheck I signed in to my ebay account and here I saw 20$ voucher to spend. Finally, I ordered this kit from Ireland after searching this seller. She has very good reviews and all her products are genuine.The total price of the gift pack was 51$ and I paid 31$ after using 20$ off voucher. It contains 2 full size and 2 sample size products. 

Have you ever shop or sell on ebay? love to hear your thoughts on my haul and Ebay.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Rimmel London Kate Moss Conditioning Lip Balm and #Insta Flawless* Review

Rimmel London Kate Moss Conditioning Lip Balm - $9.95
Rimmel London #Insta Flawless - $13.95

Both Products are available at Priceline,Chemist warehouse, Supremarkets,Target, Big W

Rimmel London Kate Moss Lip Conditioning Balm 
It comes in a nice packing very similar to Rimmel lasting finis lipstick. l always have dry lips and lip balm is my must have beauty product.

This lip conditioning balm is very moisturising and one swipe is enough to moisturise my lips. This product is almost fragrance free, which I really like. It instantly makes my lips soft and smooth while it is transparent lip balm and can not show any colour on your lips. 

After using it my lipstick glides smoothly over it. I used it for few weeks, and my lips are soft and hydrated. I am still using it, you can see the usage in the above pic. It is must have product in my beauty regime.

Rimmel London #Insta Flawless - $13.95
Rimmel London #instaflawless comes in soft tube packing which is very easy to use. It comes in two shades and I got the lighter/medium. The light/medium shade is more orange while I have yellow skin tone but upon application it is not visible on my skin. 

This product has noticeable fragrance and texture is very similar to BB creams. It has thick creamy consistency, upon application, it moisturizes my dry skin very well and leaves it little bit greasy. My foundation and other makeup glides smoothly over it. My foundation longitivity is not much affected but the finish  is better even after long hours. Sometimes dry patches are appeared on my face after few hours of foundation application but it does not happen with this primer. I can not use it alone because the coverage is very little, while using it as primer is much better

Overall, This product is great for those who have dry skin and wants a hydrating primer or very light coverage BB cream. But this is not very suitable for those who have oily skin, or want pore minimising and fine line blurring primer. 

*These products are provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

Friday, May 13, 2016

April Favourites 2016

Here are few product which I used a lot in the month of April.

Australis AC on tour kit: I love the banana powder and highligeter from it, both are available sepratly now.
Beebio Cleanser*:  Another favourite, it is great to use in cold autumn of Canberra. This creamy cleanser is very gentle and leave my skin soft and hydrated.
Rimmel Blush: My old favourite blush genuine Plum is still on the top among all other blushes in terms of quality and longitivity.
Models prefer eye pencil: I got it in Priceline free make up bag and I am using it now a days. It is very pigmented and creamy but it does not last for long time.
Revlon Instafix Stick foundation*: is light weight natural looking product. It is more suitable for oily skin beauties, I used it over my sunscreen ( my current sunscreen is very oily)
Madam Glam Lipstick*: This  dark shade is must have for autumn, this lipstick is creamy pigmented and long lasting.

*These Products are provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara and Colour precise Eyeliners*

Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara:18.95$ 
Rimmel Colour precise Eyeliners: 13.95$ 

Both Products are available at Priceline,Chemist warehouse, Supremarkets,Target, Big W

Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara and Colour precise Eyeliners
Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara
Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara Wand
                                                           Rimmel Colour precise Eyeliner
Rimmel Colour precise Eyeliner
Swatches Rimmel Colour precise Eyeliners in Black and White
Natural looking thin liner with Rimmel Colour precise Eye Liner in Black (with out Mascara)
Thicker liner with Rimmel Colour precise Eye Liner (Black) and  Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara (Black)
Finished look with
Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara (Black) and Colour precise Eyeliner(Black) with Thebalm eyeshadows

Rimmel Wonder'full Volume Colourist Mascara

Mascara comes in a beautiful sleek packing with traditional wand. Mascara is applied easily with the wand and lasts for whole day on  my eyes with out smudging, clumping or flaking. I am using it for few days so I can not see that it actually darken eyelashes. My lashes are not very dark, so I hope that the regular use will make them dark. This is a non waterproof mascara, I prefer non water proof mascara because it requires little effort to remove, which saves my time at the end of the day. I wear it with my contact lenses and it does not irritate my eyes. 

Overall I like this Mascara, it is great for everyday use and I love the idea of tinting eyelashes. You can see before and after pics, it looks very natural on my eyelashes.  But this is not the mascara which gives you dramatic thick long curled lashes. 

I recommend it for everyday use and it is also great for those who likes dark natural looking lashes and wants to tint them in dark colour. 

Rimmel Colour precise Eyeliners

This pen liner has precise tip and it can be used to apply thick or thin liner. The liner itself is very pigmented, both colour are opaque, and they dries quickly.  They are very easy to apply and last for 6+ hours with out smudging and budging. They are not 100% water proof which is good for me as I washes it easily. In the above picture I applied it over my BB cream and on the inner corner of my eyes due to oily lids it did not show the intense colour. But I am happy with the results as I do not want dark intense colour in the inner corner. I find that on oily surfaces it does not work well like all the pen eyeliners. 

 I recommend these eyeliners for every one, They are very easy to apply, they are great for thick and thin line.

*These products are provided for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mother's Day Gift Ideas 2016

Mother's day is second big spending event in Australia. It is a great opportunity to buy something for your mum and for yourself too, because a number of good deals are offered for this occasion. I have found some nice gifts in different shops for mother's day.
Here is just a quick ideas for mother's day gifts.

Trilogy Age proof starter set: 26.99$ from Priceline

Jurlique face care ritual set:130$ from Myer

 Elizabeth Arden make up set : 89$ from Myer and David jones

  Nude by Nature Complexion Essentials Starter Kit: 59.95$ from Priceline, Myer, Target

Clinique Party Pretty: 59.95$ from David Jones

Remington Keratin & Argan Oil Nourish Curler : 39$ from Target

YSL Menifesto Perfum: 120$ from Priceline, David Jones and Myer

I love all these gifts and I hope all beauty lovers will find some good deals for mother's day.

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