Friday, April 22, 2016

Priceline 40%off Cosmetics Haul

Priceline 40% off cosmetics sale is the most exciting event for make up lovers. I prefer to buy some make up in these sales, but this time I try to spend less. I had 3 Priceline vouchers which I need to spend.
Here are my haul, I have swatched all of them and find  MP palette as most exciting product.

I was thinking of buying loreal eye shadow palette but they were out of stock and sales girl refereed me to Natio. But I have no regrets about L'oreal palette, as my fellow blogger informed that Australian version is made in China and different from US(while all raved reviews are about US one).

Models prefer palette is just an impulse buy, I swatched it in store and can not resist to buy.

I bought Essence eyeshadows for my daughter but after using it, I keep it for my self (their quality is superb) and give her an other eye shadow palette.

I actually need eye pencils and I bought few of them to use and to stock. Savvy eye pencil in brown, Essence eye pencil in black ,Essnece and Maybelline pen eye liners, all of them are kind of make up essential for me. I am happy I pick them from this sale.

The grand total of these products were around 35$ but I only paid 7$, as I had 23$ payback voucher and 5$ birthday voucher from Priceline. Maybelline eye liner was from Coles and it cost me around 8$, it was 50% off .

What do you think about my spending, have you bought anything from these sales, love to hear your thoughts :D

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  1. Amazing Fazia that all you spent was $7 and got so much! Go you! You got some amazing things to try. Enjoy x

    1. Thanks louise Keogh, I am really enjoying these goodies ;D

  2. Great buys! My favourite eyeliner ever is the brown one from Essence. That eyeshadow palette is so pretty! Would love to see swatches + looks :)

    1. Thanks Aussiebeautytalk, I have not tried this eyeliner before, good to hear that its your favourite.


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