Friday, April 15, 2016

BeeBio Skin Care Review*

I am reviewing three BeeBio products in this post, I am currently using them with BeeBio Cleanser and BeeBio Mask. I have already reviewed them on my blog here. If you want to know more about BeeBio, you can visit their website here.

BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Day Cream with SPF15: 81.95$
BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Night Cream: 81.95$
BeeBio Nectar Eye Serum: 129$

Here are quick review of three products, as I  use them altogether so I have explained the final results at the end.

BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Day Cream with SPF15
The cream comes in opaque white  jar packing, we can clearly read details on the jar. This product has creamy consistency and it do has SPF which is added benefit. The cream quickly absorb into my skin leaving it super smooth. I just feel that I do not need to use primer when I use this cream. (I like these kind of creams which works as skin primer). I have dry skin and this cream moiturise my skin very well up to 6 hours. My foundation glides smoothly over it , and its logitivity is not affected at all. It does not broke me out and does not cause any negative reaction. After few weeks of use my skin feels well hydrated and smooth.

BeeBio Active Manuka Honey Night Cream
The packing of this night cream is same as day cream, it also has opaque jar packing. The cream has thick consistency which is very similar to royal jelly and it takes time to absorb into my skin. I only need very small amount to cover my entire face, I hope that this jar will last longer. It keeps my skin moisturised for whole night and upon waking up, my skin is well hydrated and silky soft.  In first few days of use, I apply more than pee size but with regular use my skin gets better then I start using very small amount of this cream. This is my favourite product in these three, if I want to chose one item in beebio range, it will be this night cream.
Note: I recommend using it in small amount as its is very rich cream and it can be feel heavy if you apply too much 

BeeBio Nectar Eye Serum
This eye serum has sleek packing with pump and has such a fine serum like consistency. It apply smoothly on my skin leaving under eye skin soft and smooth. It quickly absorbs into my skin and  feels very luxurious. It perfectly hydrate and plump my skin leaving fine lines smooth and less visible. I like this serum and I use it regularly.

Final Verdict: All these products are gentle on my face, they are chemical free and natural. All of these products has nice light smell like honey and plants. On my dry skin, they worked really very well and even improve the moisture level of my skin within few days. I continue using these products and after few weeks of use, my skin looks plump, radiant and youthful, while they also smooth the appearance of fine lines. 

Beebio skin care is ideal for dry, normal, combination or mature skin beauties and for those who like to use natural skin care with affective anti-aging ingredients..

The only dislike is their availability, they are only available online and selected stores, otherwise this Beebio skin care is big hit for me. 

Note: I am not affiliated with the links, they are only provided for your convenience.

*These Products are given by BeeBio for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion.


  1. i've always been curious about the bee and snake venom products. This sounds really interesting!!

  2. I am using Bee venom products for the first time, and I find them really very good.

  3. I also have been using the bee bio range for about 6 weeks now. I am 64 and my skin is in pretty good condition with not too many wrinkles, so I was not expecting to see any noticeable changes. However I am completely blown away with my skin after 6 weeks of using these products, my skin is smoother, more hydrated. I hate the word dewy when referring to the skin but my skin is definitely dewy!

  4. Wow, Frances, Thanks for sharing your good experience. Its nice to hear that it worked for you, BeeBio is truly an antiaging skincare.


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