Friday, February 19, 2016

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection- Love it or Leave it

Price : 55$ from Priceline and online

 Duo Fiber Collection with Regular RT blush Brush
You can see the Density of all three Duo Fiber collection brushes

These brushes comes in a nice packing black and white packing. . In the first look quality feels a bit inferior than regular RT brushes. Here is some main qualities of all these brushes, I will discuss individual later.

  • All the brushes are light weight and can not stand by their own unlike other RT brushes
  • I have washed them many time and hair does not fall off.
  • All of them have soft bristle but not as soft as RT regular collection.
  • All the brushes have their names on it like , face brush, contour brush

Duo Fiber Face Brush:
It is a BIG face brush which is used to apply pigments. Sadly it does not work for me, Its bristles are loose and not very dense . When I apply powders, it wastes a lot of product (I found powder fall off every where) and I have to repeat the process many time .  I tried it many times but it always disappoints me.

Duo Fiber Contour Brush:
It is smaller than regular RT blush brush, its quality is better than face brush, it is dense and bristles are tight. It is great to apply cream/ powder blush or contouring products. This is my favourite brush in this pack.

Duo Fiber Eye Brush:
This is not as fluffy as it should be, it contain very few bristles and it does not apply eye product very well. So this is an other disappointment from this pack.

Final Verdict: I love contour brush and two others are just a miss. But I can not justify 55$ price for these brushes.

 In my opinion , Real Techniques duo fiber is not a must have in your brush collection, if you already have some nice brushes. 


  1. I actually skipped this collection as I had heard similar reports from other bloggers. Such a shame as they look so pretty haha xx

    Jasmine //

  2. Its better to skip it Jasmine and use your money on something else. There are some very good brushes with lower price tag.


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