Sunday, June 12, 2016

Laura Mercier foundation Primer review

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: 50$ from David Jones and Adore Beauty

Laura Mercier foundation Primer comes in a soft tube which is easy to use. It has light smell, and its texture is runny just like a lotion, upon application it feels like a normal moisturizer.

I use it under my make up and honestly, I have not seen any difference. My foundation longevity  was same, while the appearance of skin is also not different from my normal make up.

It seems that  it is just an extra step in my make up routine. I am a fan of Benefit Porefessional, as it hides pore and make skin smooth. But this primer  did nothing for my make up and skin and in my opinion make up product should do some thing good to your looks.

If I take it as skin care, it seems very expensive, my 10$ Sukin moisturizer works same as this primer.

Overall, I am not impressed and will not purchase its full size. 

 My Rating: 2/5

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