Sunday, February 28, 2016

Health and Beauty with Livindigo

Few months back when we moved to our new house, I wanted to have a hair cut. But I realiesd that it was hard to find and book a hair dresser around my location. I asked from friends, searched on internet, phoned different salons, but still had not got the desired services. Finally I ended up driving 40 miles away from my house to have a hair cut and paid a considerable amount of money (Sadly I did not like that hair cut).

I wish I know about Livindigo at that time, but it is never too late to know and share about an online market place for your beauty and health needs. Livindigo is a website and mobile application which provide Health and Beauty booking services in Sydney.  From our computer and smart phone, we can discover variety of services like hair cut, waxing, massage or gym session near our home or work place. Livindigo helps us to choose and book the best available services in our desired location, dates and price range. We can also see the ratings of different service providers which are given by previous clients.

Livindigo is very easy to use, it is just like Expedia, and we can use it on our computers or smart phones. After setting up an account, I enter my dates, timing, location, price range and the required services. The remaining work is done by Livindigo, it gives me the different options for my required services. I can choose the service which best suits my needs and even I can select a particular professional.  The final step is booking and then I can pay on the website with out any hassle. I receive confirmation email and even reminders before my appointment. I will get reward points when I book and review these services. There are also some great offers including last minute deals on different services and by availing these offers we can save time and money.

Personally, I really like the idea of booking health and beauty services online. Livindigo directly connects us to the required professionals while the information about the service providers, pictures and reviews make it very easy to take  a decision. The process of booking is also smooth and hassle free.  In this time poor world, this is an excellent service for busy people as we can book any treatment on our fingertips

Livindigo has a generous reward system, all clients earn reward points when they book and review any services on Livindigo.  For every friend you successfully refer to Livindigo, you and your friend will get $10 in Livinidigo credits. You can also get points by sharing your experience on social media. These points can be used to book your next health and beauty services on Livindigo.

I highly recommend using Livindigo website. It is a most convenient way to discover health and beauty services around your desired location and you can book them saving time and money.

I hope this information will help to decide the way you book your appointment with health and beauty professionals.  I wish Livindigo services would be available in all major cities of Australia, as all Australians can enjoy the luxury of having an online marketplace for health and beauty services.


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