Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Facebook Page and twitter account

Hi Beauty Lovers
Hope you are doing well. Here is an update about my Blog, I have created my page on Facebook and made an account on twitter.
Join me on Facebook and tweeter  and do not be afraid, I will not fill your FB and twitter account with thousands of unnecessary post.

I will also like to mention that why I have created my page on Facebook now?While I have started blogging in 2013. Blogging is my hobby and I love all about beauty related things. I do not have any account on twitter, instagram and etc, because being mother of a toddler and a few months old crawler, I have very limited time to work on my blog. But now I have decide to work on my social media channels and I am keen to connect directly with my readers.

You can stay informed about upcoming beauty sales, new products and my new blog posts.
Join me here on face book

and join me here at twitter

I hope you will be happy to join me

Many Thanks

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