Monday, January 4, 2016

Make up tips for medium to dark skin beauties

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Normally white women try to make their colour tan, but Medium to dark skin beauty  love to look lighter and fairer. While God created every women a unique and beautiful, all the women  look stunning with all skin tones. Being south Asian, my skin tone is not very white, I have light to olive skin tone. But most of my family and friends have medium to dark skin tones and usually I do their makeup. I have learned few thing from doing their make up, I just want to share few tips for medium to dark skin beauties.

Foundation: It is necessary that your foundation should disappear in your neck colour. Personally I found that one shade lighter is ok if it matches your neck colour, like my face is darker than my neck, so the one shade lighter colour looks perfect on me. But trying to get two to three shades lighter will look unnatural.

Avoid foundations with pink undertones, its not flattering on dark skins. Choose foundation with yellow undertones, it will enhance your colour. Avoid shades named like amber, rose etc, instead try sandy, tan,beige, sun beige, honey, golden etc

Blush: Dark pink, plum, berry, coral shades looks gorgeous on you. Avoid shades which are lighter than your skin tones, it will look chalky on you.

Try shades like theBalm cabana boy, Rimmel genuine plum, Essence Life's Cherry, Face of Australia shimmery peach. Revlon glow powder blush Wine not, Loreal true match blush Golden Amber.

Eye Shadow: For every day look, browns, pinks and peaches look natural on you. Surprisingly Blues, greens, purple looks very dramatic and beautiful on dark tones. So try these vibrant shades, you look stunning  with coloured eyelids.

In my opinion Urban Decay Naked palettes are not worth investing for dark skin beauties. Even they does not work for my olive skin tone, because most of the colours are very light and invisible on my eyelids. Instead of UD I highly recommend to try CHI CHI Glamorous Eye Palette, Sleek I-devine Eyeshadow or theBalm palettes.

Lipstick: I must say that red colour looks gorgeous on medium to dark skin tone. Yes, may be you will not agree but personally I have seen may of my friends and relative rock in red lips. Plums, dark pinks, maroon, coral even nude shades looks beautiful on your naturally pigmented lips. But Avoid brown lipstick, it will dull your entire face.

Normally I have seen that dark skin women have beautiful fuller and plum lips. I highly recommend using glossy or creamy lipcolor to enhance your pout. You can also use highlighter in the center of your lips to make them plump and attractive.

Mascara and liner: They are is best friends for  dark skin beauties. It enhances their beauty and make their eyes prominent.

Strobing or Contouring: Try strobing instead of contouring. There are many reasons, it saves time , it does not require special technique and products, then its hard to find right shade for contouring(for darker skin tones). Strobing is more practical for you, you can easily find required products and you do not need to master in it.  Strobing will enhance your natural features and brighten your face. 

 At the end I will say that these tips are for women who done their make up at homes, while if your make up is done by professional, the case will be different. The  make up artist have variety of  professional make up which we do not  own at home.


  1. I really like that a lot of brands are swatching products on different skin colours (colour pop always do a light, medium and dark) it really helps get a good idea of the true payoff.

  2. You are right space of beauty,It defiantly works. Actually I find that its hard for dark skin beauties to choose products because the colour selection is mostly suitable for light skin


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