Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favourites 2016

If you read my blog you know that i never posted monthly favourites, So this is my first favourite post, hope you like it.

Maybellilne fit me shine free foundation stick: January is bit hot in Canberra but not very hot, Maybelline fit me foundation worked great for my normal skin(i have normal skin during summer) this month

Lancome renergie multilift day cream: Although you guys read many bad things about Jar packing and I also believe in those kinds of things. But I do not know Why this creams works excellent on my skin (it has jar packing). After few days of use, I really notice the difference. I wake up with fresh glowing skin every morning.

Lacura mineral blush: It is limited addition mineral blush, I love the baby pink colour. I won it in Kat Shepsutt's blog give away.

Nude by nature brush: I got it in their brush kit, It is great for my small face.

Loreal colour riche serum lipstick: Better than original colour riche but sadly it is discontinued.

Rimmel Brow pencil: Creamy pigmented brow pencil that does not smudge.

Sleek I devine palette (Oh so Special): It is highly pigmented all in one palette, love it.

Lapurete Okuru cleanser + Toner: I got it in BH beautorium pack, it make my skin clean and hydrated

Face Of Australia liquid eye liner: Long lasting, pigmented and easy to apply liquid eye liner.

So here is my monthly favourites,hope you enjoy reading.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Essence Matte touch Blush in peach me up 10

Price: 5.10$ from Priceline and Target

Swatches from left to right: Light swatch (one layer), heavy swatch (multiple layers) and   Blended

Comes in a round transparent packing which is similar to their silky touch blush. I got the shade peach which is nice yellow based peach colour. The blush itself is finely milled but not highly pigmented. You need to work hard to take the product on your brush and you need to build up the colour.  While I will not say that its a bad product because some high end blushes are also not very pigmented and still hyped, but I do love pigmented blushes. I will compare it with essence silky touch blush, this one is not very powdery and pigmented but also there is no product fallout when you use it.

It blends effortlessly on checks and works well with my natural skin colour with out emphasizing pores and dry patches. It is long lasting and on my skin lasts for 5+ hours.

Overall, its a good blush for the price and for those who love matte blushes. But it is not as great as Essence silky touch blushes.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Facebook Page and twitter account

Hi Beauty Lovers
Hope you are doing well. Here is an update about my Blog, I have created my page on Facebook and made an account on twitter.
Join me on Facebook and tweeter  and do not be afraid, I will not fill your FB and twitter account with thousands of unnecessary post.

I will also like to mention that why I have created my page on Facebook now?While I have started blogging in 2013. Blogging is my hobby and I love all about beauty related things. I do not have any account on twitter, instagram and etc, because being mother of a toddler and a few months old crawler, I have very limited time to work on my blog. But now I have decide to work on my social media channels and I am keen to connect directly with my readers.

You can stay informed about upcoming beauty sales, new products and my new blog posts.
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I hope you will be happy to join me

Many Thanks

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Revlon Ultra HD lipstick in Gladiolus

23.95$ from Priceline, chemist Warehouse, Myer Dsvid Jones, Super Markets


Here is the quick review of these lipsticks

It has strong transparent packing and you can see the actual lipstick inside.
It is creamy and highly pigmented.
It is mositurising and does not tend to dry lips
It leaves very light stain when it disappears.

Formula is very wet and it transfers every where (on cups, glasses, on your little one hand if he touches your face)
It does not last long, it disappears after one hour on my lips.
In my opinion they are expensive.

Final Verdict, I have not liked it very much. I can buy a better product with the same price tag.

My Rating: 2.5/5

Friday, January 22, 2016

Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick review - Preview, Backstage and Couture

Price: 25.95$ from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Myer, David Jones, and Super Markets

                                   From bottom to top Preview , Backstage,  Couture

Swatches left to right Preview,  Backstage,Couture,

Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede Lipstick comes in transparent plastic packing which looks ok. I own three shades Backstage, Couture and Preview. All of them are pigmented and feels smooth uopn application.

These lipsticks are creamy on application and provide medium to full coverage. I also find that the colour gets dark on my lips after few minutes of application. These are truly long lasting lipsticks but they are not very moisturising and tend to dry lips. These lipsticks are not true to its colour, as the colour looks light in the tube but it gets dark on application. As you can see that Preview shade looks nice pink but upon application it converted into dark pink. So when you will buy these you need to be careful. 

Overall Revlon Color Stay Ultimate Suede lipsticks are good for those who are looking for long pasting lipsticks. I will not recommend it for those who have dry lips as they are not very moisturising like all long lasting lipsticks.
My Rating : 4/5

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidants+ review

Price: 29.95$ from Priceline, Chemist Warehouse, Myer and selected pharmacies 

I bought this pack on 40% off Priceline Sale, and it comes with 30ml moisturiser.  Trilogy Rosehip oil has dark glass bottle which keep it protected from light. It has easy to use dropper, while I only need 2-3 drops to cover my entire face and neck, so the 30ml bottle last for 3-4 months.

I have very dry skin and this oil quickly sinks into my skin. After using it for few weeks, I can see the improvement. My skin is so hydrated, nourished and looking very fresh. It does not break me out or cause any other allergic reaction. 

I like Trilogy Rosehip oil and I think it worth the hype. It works great on my dry sensitive skin. I recommend it for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin beauties. I am not sure how it works on oily skin, because oily skin beauties are always afraid of using oils on their face.

My Rating:5/5

Friday, January 8, 2016

My Top 5 Make up Brands

thaBalm is an high end brand and offer quality products with attractive packing. Their blushes, highlighters, bronzers, lipsticks, concealers and eye shadows are highly pigmented, creamy and long lasting.  The PRICE is an other winner for thebalm cosmetics, they are very reasonably priced in Australia unlike other brands. As yo know that cosmetics are very expensive in Australia. At David Jones, sometimes theBalm goes on 30% off sale and you can get them for better price. Being a mid rang brand, I will not complain about its availability, it is good that it is now available in Target. I highly recommend theBalm products, you will never be disappointed with their quality.

Easily available, high quality and made in England products while it often goes on 50% sale so I can not complain about price ,what else I can say, I love Rimmel. I love their lipsticks, lip liners, nail polishes,face powders, eyeliners, mascaras, concealers, foundations and blushes.

An other brand which is easily available and offer good quality made in USA products. The price rang of Maybelline is bit higher but it often goes on 50% sale which make it more affordable. Their foundations, BB Creams, lipsticks, liners, mascara and face powders are great. Maybelline foundations are better than some high end brands, even many times I have seen some elegant old ladies buying their foundation.

With such a lower price tag their quality is promising, and you can be blown away with some of their products.  My favourite Essence product are their lipsticks, lip liners, few mascaras, nail polishes and blushes. Their eye shadow and face products does not work for me so I can not say any thing about them.

Chi Chi
If I recommend best drug store eye shadows in Australia, it will be CHI CHI glamorous eye shadow palette. Its quality is surprisingly amazing while Chi Chi goes on sale at least twice a year and you can get 23$ palette for 16$. I like chi chi eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, lip liners and foundations. The only downside of CHI CHI is it availability, it only available in Target and Myer, I wish it comes in Priceiline.

Brand I love but they need to Improve

Models prefer:
I own few of their products and personally I am very pleased with the quality. But I feel that this brand need to be marketed in a proper manner. Being a priceline home brand, it is over looked, even its display rack is often in the dark corner of the shop, which makes hard to see, read and swatch the products.  I found that some of their products are perfect dupe of expensive brands, even their lippies are made in Germany and better than expensive brands.

Models prefer need to concentrate on their marketing and it should often goes on good promotion like 1/2  price or buy one get one free. Once costumers will get chance to try them on cheap price, they will surly became their loyal. 

The quality of the products are outstanding They have beautiful blushes, primers, concealers, mascaras and etc. Th only problem is their price range, they are ridiculously expensive in Australia. Even MAC blush is cheaper than Benefit blush.

The only thing which need to improve for benefit is their PRICE. While with higher price tag they never offer any gift with purchase (Like clinique,estee lauder and lancome )or any other promotion.. I wish benefit comes with lower price tag or at least they offer discount or GWP in Australia.

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Monday, January 4, 2016

Make up tips for medium to dark skin beauties

     (Image: Source)
Normally white women try to make their colour tan, but Medium to dark skin beauty  love to look lighter and fairer. While God created every women a unique and beautiful, all the women  look stunning with all skin tones. Being south Asian, my skin tone is not very white, I have light to olive skin tone. But most of my family and friends have medium to dark skin tones and usually I do their makeup. I have learned few thing from doing their make up, I just want to share few tips for medium to dark skin beauties.

Foundation: It is necessary that your foundation should disappear in your neck colour. Personally I found that one shade lighter is ok if it matches your neck colour, like my face is darker than my neck, so the one shade lighter colour looks perfect on me. But trying to get two to three shades lighter will look unnatural.

Avoid foundations with pink undertones, its not flattering on dark skins. Choose foundation with yellow undertones, it will enhance your colour. Avoid shades named like amber, rose etc, instead try sandy, tan,beige, sun beige, honey, golden etc

Blush: Dark pink, plum, berry, coral shades looks gorgeous on you. Avoid shades which are lighter than your skin tones, it will look chalky on you.

Try shades like theBalm cabana boy, Rimmel genuine plum, Essence Life's Cherry, Face of Australia shimmery peach. Revlon glow powder blush Wine not, Loreal true match blush Golden Amber.

Eye Shadow: For every day look, browns, pinks and peaches look natural on you. Surprisingly Blues, greens, purple looks very dramatic and beautiful on dark tones. So try these vibrant shades, you look stunning  with coloured eyelids.

In my opinion Urban Decay Naked palettes are not worth investing for dark skin beauties. Even they does not work for my olive skin tone, because most of the colours are very light and invisible on my eyelids. Instead of UD I highly recommend to try CHI CHI Glamorous Eye Palette, Sleek I-devine Eyeshadow or theBalm palettes.

Lipstick: I must say that red colour looks gorgeous on medium to dark skin tone. Yes, may be you will not agree but personally I have seen may of my friends and relative rock in red lips. Plums, dark pinks, maroon, coral even nude shades looks beautiful on your naturally pigmented lips. But Avoid brown lipstick, it will dull your entire face.

Normally I have seen that dark skin women have beautiful fuller and plum lips. I highly recommend using glossy or creamy lipcolor to enhance your pout. You can also use highlighter in the center of your lips to make them plump and attractive.

Mascara and liner: They are is best friends for  dark skin beauties. It enhances their beauty and make their eyes prominent.

Strobing or Contouring: Try strobing instead of contouring. There are many reasons, it saves time , it does not require special technique and products, then its hard to find right shade for contouring(for darker skin tones). Strobing is more practical for you, you can easily find required products and you do not need to master in it.  Strobing will enhance your natural features and brighten your face. 

 At the end I will say that these tips are for women who done their make up at homes, while if your make up is done by professional, the case will be different. The  make up artist have variety of  professional make up which we do not  own at home.
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