Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Priceline 40% off make up Haul

Priceline had 40$ off makeup sales few weeks ago. I tried not to spend much and only bought those products which I really need. While some products which I want to buy was out of stock.

I have already used and loved Loreal infalible powder, Covergirl Outlast foundation and Essence long lasting lipstick.
Essence matte blush is a new product in Australia which I have not tried.
Savvy lipstick kit is sold for 6 $, it contain 10 mini lipstick with variety of shades suitable for all skin tone.
Rimmel brow pencil is also a new product for me.
Australis mini Valaurlips kit is not for myself, it is a gift for my friend.
Nude by nature brush kit really impress me, I do need some good make up brushes and I got this because it is affordable. The quality of these brushes are great, I have not wash them yet.  Lets see how they go after wash,I will review them soon.

Have you tried any of these product? Hope you also got chance to buy some make up on priceline make up sale.


  1. The Australia velour lips set was on my list but I never ended up going to priceline

    1. Oh so sad, But they are still in store, I hope there will be some good deals on boxing day and you can get them on discounted price

  2. fantastic haul!! I need to have a look at the nude brushes!

  3. Ohh never tried nude by nature brushes before, looking forward to reading your review on them :)
    t w o p l i c a t e s


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