Sunday, September 6, 2015

Priceline Payback Voucher

Priceline reward system is one of the best in Australia. According to Priceline website

"It’s easy to earn paybacks. Shop at Priceline with your Sister Club card to earn points towards a quarterly payback. Once you’ve earned enough points we’ll simply send your payback voucher in the mail. All you have to do is buy the products you love.
100-199=3% pay back
200+ =4% pay back
When you earn the required amount of points at the end of every three months period, you’ll qualify for a quarterly payback voucher. If you don’t your points will roll over to the next quarter."

I have received these kind of vouchers and perks in the past. This time I though I should share it on my blog for those who do not know about Priceline sister club card and pay back vouchers. I have received my voucher for the second quarter of 2015 at the end of July. The envelop contain 2 items, A Voucher and a perk book. The Voucher is 8.80$ while the perk book include some vouchers which can be redeemed to buy selected items on discounted rate.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Alpha-H Protection plus daily SPF50+

Price: 62$

New Packing

It comes in a simple 50ml white pump bottle which is very easy to use.  Its packing is now changed  and it comes in a tube packing now.

It has light smell and has thick consistancy. It need to be applied liberally so I need a good amount to cover my face. It smoohly apply on my skin and blends easily with out leaving any greasy or whit layer. Its orange colour melts into my skin and can not be visible. I use it regularly, it work very well with my sensitive dry skin. I have not find any dry patches  after applying it.

Overall the product itself is great.I highly recommend it for dry, mature, combination or normal skin beauties but I feel that it is not great for oily skin as it hydrated my extremely dry skin.

 My Rating: 5/5

Thursday Plantation Cleanser, Facial Moisturizer and Brightening Oil Review

Here is the reviews of 3 new product by Thursday Plantation

Thursday Plantation Oil Cleanser

Thursday Plantation oil cleanser comes in easy to use transparent pump bottle. It has strong smell which disappears after cleansing. It is almost colourless and has thick consistency. I apply it on my face and it just feel like I am applying thick oil. I wash it with water but it does not remove easily. It leaves a greasy layer on my face. First time when I used it and I dry my face, it stained my towel. There was some heavy stains of my foundation on towel. I was disappointed, it can not clean my face properly. Then I try it without water, I apply it on my face and wipe it off with cotton ball. The results are better this time. My face are clean, all the makeup is off and skin feels hydrated. With out water it removes all the dirt, impurities and make up leaving my skin silky soft .
For me this cleanser does not work with water, I prefer to wipe it with cotton ball.

My Rating 2/5

Thursday Plantation Face Moisturiser

The moisturiser comes in easy to use opaque tube. It has light smell which disappears after application. It has creamy silky thick consistency and apply smoothly on skin. Due to harsh winter weather of Canberra, my dry skin is getting worst but this product moisturises my skin very well.
 The best thing is" it doesn't break me out" (as I have sensitive skin and some products broke me out). After regular use, I feel that It hydrates my skin and the dry patches of my skin are much better, But i have not notice any antiaging benefit. This moisturiser only moisturise my skin with out any skin improvement.

This moisturiser is good for those who have dry, sensitive,combination or normal skin and they want a normal good moisturiser (not an anti aging moituriser). Also great for those who do not like to use products with spf or are allergic to spf ingredients.

My Rating: 3/5

Thursday Plantation Brightening Oil 

Brightening Oil comes in easy to use 60ml pump packing. It has strong smell (just like herbal medicines) which is little bit over powering. The oil has very good consistency , it is not very thick and nicely applies on my skin. Only small amount is required for entire face and neck, which means that bottle lasts for long time. It absorbs quickly into my skin. This brightening oil make my skin  soft but I have not notice any brightening affect. As I am south Asian, and we do love brightening product, so there is little disappointment for me.

The best thing about this oil is It Do moisturises my skin very well and my dehydrated skin was   better after regular use.

My Rating 3/5

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