Monday, August 31, 2015

Leibster Award

Olivia Flanagan from   had 
nominated me for a Liebster Award.  Thank you so much Olivia her blog is very interesting, hope you really like it.
The rules for the Liebester are as follows:
  • You need to thank the blogger who nominated you
  • You need to answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger
  • Nominate 6-11 blogs with under 200 followers
  • Ask your nominees 11 questions, that they can post on their blog
Here are the my answers of questions

1. What made you decide to start blogging?

Due to my problematic skin, I did some research on good skin care and tried so many products. Then I realized that I should share all this to other women and they do not waste money on useless products.
2. What’s your favourite fragrance and why?
CK Euphoria is my favourite, its light and feels classic
3. What is one thing you can't live without? And it can be anything in the world!

Moisturiser, can not live with my moisturiser, even if my skin feel normal still i need to apply moisturiser
4. Drug store make up or high end make up? And why?

It depends, I spend more money on foundation and face powder and less on lipsticks, mascaras, eye pencils etc
5.What makeup product are you leaning towards buying but haven't yet?

 Urban Decay Naked 1
6. What’s your every day look like?

Natural with minimal make up
7. What are three makeup products you would recommend to a makeup newbie?

CC cream, lipstick and Eyebrow product
8. Favourite lip product of all time?

Rimmel Kate moss lasting finish lipstick
9. What posts do you like to read the most?

About budget beauty buys
10. Do you have any guilty pleasures, if so what are they?

No, I do not have any
11.  What is 1 piece of advise you would give to your 13 year old self?
Take care of skin and avoid experiments.

My 11 questions for the nominees.

  1. What is your hand bag essentials (beauty related)?
  2. What  is your favourite blogger?
  3. What is your favourite lip product of all time?
  4. What is your secret beauty tip?
  5. What is your best anti aging tip that you love practice ?
  6. What is your biggest  beauty buy regrets?
  7. Your favourite cosmetic brand?
  8. What is your everyday look?
  9. What is you top 5 makeup products?
  10. Your hobbies and interest?
  11. Beauty advise you will give you to make up newbie?

And here I nominate some beautiful fellow bloggers 

A new make up addict

Monique Kerstin    
Space of Beauty     

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Target and Priceline Haul

After a long time I bought some beauty products. Priceline had 50%off on Maybelline last week, I bought these 3 product for 21$. Target was clearing Revlon Christmas Pack, I got it for 15$, I am keen to try Revlon matte lip balm.

I have already reviewed the foundation here, will review other products soon. :)
Hope you like my haul:)

Beauty Heaven Beautorium Haul

Beauty Heaven hosted a mini beautorium few weeks back. I was lucky enough to secure a pack for 300 BH points. When I received the pack I thought , may be I have won something because there were 5 full size product. But on the BH note, it was mentioned that it is mini beautorium pack. I am so happy and excited to try all these goodies. It contain 5 full size and 2 sample products.

 5 full size and one sample product
I also receive the mini sample of facial exfoliator.

All these products are great to use, and I am also happy to receive vitamin C tablets. I am already using it due to iron deficiency after my baby' birth, it is prescribed by my GP. While Maybelline mascara, Kora lip balm, DB eyeliner, Nivea day cream and Colgate toothpaste, all of them are very useful for beauty lover.

Thank You Beautyheaven for such a generous mini beauturium pack.I will not say its mini beautorium, its bigger and cheaper beautorium.Only for 300 points, I got these goodies which are valued over 60$ , I have not paid any things for them even postage was covered by BH

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions Review*

Product: Irresistible me Silky touch clip in hair extensions
Shade: Medium Brown #4
Length: 18 inches
Volume:200 g
Price: 169$
Available: Online only at

The Product
According to Irresistible me website
"The Silky Touch extensions are perfect for anybody who loves adding a bit of volume and/or length to their hair occasionally or for special events and offer the best quality/price ratio on the market
If you’re just starting with hair extensions and you want something great, the Silky Touch clip-in hair extensions are the way to go. Each set is composed of 10, 8 or 7 pieces of different widths depending on the weight you choose, purposely adapted to cover your head all around."
My Thoughts
I have medium hair length but I love to have long hair. After having babies massive hair fall make my hair miserable and I have to cut my hair shorter. Irresistible me Silky touch clip-in hair extensions have done great job with my hair and I am very happy with these extension.

The product comes in a secured box. The hair extensions have packed in two different pockets one is the main product which we bought and the small pocket is sample of the product. If the sample did not match our hair colour we can returen the product.

The colour medium brown perfectly matches my hair colour, while 200g hair were a lot for me. The hair extensions are very easy to use, they have small clips and I attache them in between my hair,I t give them length and volume.

This is sample in a small pocket, it perfectly matches my hair colour
 Hair extensions 

  The hair extensions have these 10 pieces(including sample) for different part of the hair

Here are my pics, I think pictures say every thing. You can see my short hair are long and volumized. I have not styled my hair like curling or straightening but they still look gorgeous. These extensions totally transform my look and blended beautifully into my natural hair colour. (These are my selfies:) )

                             Before                                                            After


The best thing about Irresistible me Silky touch clip in hair extensions are
  1. They are made with natural hair and blends beautifully with your own hair.
  2. They can be styled in different ways like you can curl them or straight them.
  3. They can be dyed in any colour, so if you have changed your hair colour you can dye these hair extensions.
  4. They have clips which is very easy to attach and does not fall.
  5. They can be used to give volume as well as length or both.
I think this is a must have product if you love hair extensions. I highly recommend it for every one and specially for those who are looking for some volumising hair extensions.

It is little bit pricey but its once in a life time investment, if you buy them you can use them forever.(yes forever). You can buy them here(Currently they have 20% off offer on these hair)

My Rating:5/5

* This product is provided by Irresistible me for review  purpose but it does not affect my opinion, I am honest to my readers.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Maybelline Fit me Matte+Poreless Foundation

Price: 18.95$ from Priceline, Chemist warehouse, supermarkets, big W , Target

    After blending the Swatch
After 40 minutes the foundation oxidizes and turns darker
Maybelline Fit me Matte+Poreless Foundation is available in 6 different shades , I bought it in Classic Ivory which is closest to my skin tone. The foundation comes in glass bottle with out pump which is not very easy to use. I have to pour the foundation and many times I pour more than the required amount which is total waste of product.

The foundation has runny consistency and it is almost fragrance free. It apply smoothly on my face, blends really very well  into my skin . It provide very light coverage and looks like  I am not wearing any make up. After two coats, it gives medium coverage and does not look cacky at all. The foundation claims to make skin poreless but actually it does not make my skin poreless, my pores are still visible . It has good staying power and last for up to 7 hours on my face. It is transferable and can stain your clothes. This foundation is designed for oily skin and it still works ok on my dry skin, but after few hours my dry patches are visible. 

The saddest thing about this foundation is "It does Oxidize on my face", My face looks dark after few hours  (while being Asian I do not like to look dark, we  adore fair complexions) I think that its due to its formulation, as I have dry skin, I notice that those foundations which are designed for oily skin do oxidize on my face.

Overall the foundation itself is good. it is more suitable for those who have normal or oily skin and they want light coverage. I will not recommend it for those who have very dry, mature or problematic skin and they want full coverage. Also I recommend using primer underneath to avoid oxidization.

My Rating: 3/5

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Beaute Fx BB Cream*

Price: 44.96$ with 8.95$ shipping, its only available online

Product Details
According to Beaute Fx website

"An all in one cream that removes the need for serums, moisturizers, foundation and sunblock meaning you can have an outstanding natural glow for a fraction of the cost.
  • Hide imperfection                .            
  • Moisturize and enhance                .            
  • Adjusts to your skin tone
  • Evens your skin texture                .
  • Enjoy a fresh dewy glow                            
  • Guaranteed 24 hour hydration                .            
  • UV protection from the sun"

List of ingredients

Swatch blended
Swatch blended
Beaute FX BB cream comes in a beautiful easy to use pump packing. It is available in one shade Light, the colour is suitable for all skin tones and adjust to natural skin colour. This product is made in New Zealand and not tested on animals.

It has  pleasant smell which disappear after application. More than  pea size amount is required to cover entire face. It has silky texture which is very easy to apply and blend. First when I applied I feel that its too light for my skin tome but when I blend, it melts into my natural skin colour. It moisturises my skin with out leaving greasy layer. It does not highlight dry patches and does not settle into fine lines and pores.  It gives me light to medium coverage and covers minor imperfection of my skin. My skin looks so natural and fresh and looks like I am not wearing any make up. Beaute Fx BB cream has decent staying powder and on my skin(I have dry skin) lasts for more than 6 hours.
I  just looked at its ingredients and found that it contains anti-aging ingredient like most of the BB creams. 

Overall I like the Beaute Fx BB cream, It is a great product and I am very happy with the results.   This product is very useful for those who need an anti aging BB cream with medium coverage and natural finish. 

But I found few issues with the it and I hope they will be settled soon. It claims to provide UV protection but I have not find any other information about SPF level  on its packing and bottle. Its website looks suspicious, like pushing visitors to buy product, while ingredient list and price of product is also not mention on website. Also I feel that the product is pricey, It is only available online and we always have to pay shipping cost.

*This product was provided by Beaute Fx for review purpose but it does not affect my opinion, I am honest to my readers

CC Creams - Review and Comparison

I am a big fan of CC creams and I have tried 4 different CC creams. Just a little introduction of CC cream, CC Creams are colour correcting Cream, they are suppose to even out skin tone and correct minor imperfections. CC creams provide lighter coverage than foundation while they are heavier than BB creams.

As compare to BB cream, I found that CC creams work better for my skin. I own these 4 CC creams

Name                                                                          Quantity       Price    Availability
Ultra Ceuticals CC C Mineral Tint SPF 30                    50ml        59.00$      Online, David Jones                                                                                                                              & Beauty Salons
Models Prefer Unbelievable Colour Correcting Cream 30 ml       16.99$       Priceline
Almay Smart Shade CC Cream                                    30 ml       19.95$       Priceline
Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream             50 g          39.95$      Priceline & Super markets

 left to right Ultra Ceuticals, Models Prefer. Almay and Olay CC cream
Swatches from left to right Ultra Ceuticals (Medium), Models Prefer(light/medium). Almay(light/medium) and Olay CC cream(medium)
Swatches from left to right Ultra Ceuticals (Medium), Models Prefer(light/medium). Almay(light/medium) and Olay CC cream(medium)

Here is just a quick comparison of these creams

Packing : All of them have easy to use tube packing.

Price and availability: Models Prefer is the cheapest and easily available in all Priceline stores while UC is the most expensive and available in DJ, online and beauty salons.

Colour selection: Almay, Models prefer and UC creams are available in 3 shades light, medium and deep while Olay CC cream is available in 2 shades light and medium.

Application and Coverage: All of them are very easy to apply and blend. In terms of coverage Models prefer are on the top, it provides the heavier coverage, Almay and UC are on the second while Olay is the sheerest of all.

Staying Power: Models prefer stays on my face for more than 8 hours while Almay and UC cream lasts for5-6 hours, Olay Cream lasts for 4-5 hours only.

Anti-aging benefits: I have a look at ingredients , all of them have some anti-aging and skin beneficial ingredients but none of the above have a magical anti-aging ingredient that works overnight.

Suitable for specific skin type: I have dry skin, Almay is very moisturising and looks dewy on my  skin. Olay is on the second in terms of moisturising ability. UC cc cream is on fourth while Models prefer is on the last. I always use Models prefer CC cream over my normal moisturiser and then it works great on  my dry skin.

Final Verdict
You can see that Models Prefer CC cream is the best in terms of coverage, lasting ability, price and availability. I must say that Models Prefer CC cream is the winner, It is affordable, great for all skin types, provide medium coverage and last for long time. For  those who have dry or combination skin, I highly recommend using it after moisturising your skin.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Avon Mega Effects Mascara Review

Price:  19.99$ Online only

                                                            My eyelashes with out mascara

My Eyelashes after putting mascara, you can see some mess on my eyelid
This is my first Avon product, I got it in my glasscar prize.

This Mascara has very different packing, I have to watch "you tube" reviews before using it as i do not know how to open it.

This mascara is not easy to open, Mascara wand is difficult to remove from its base and when it suddenly opens, it it just stains my clothes or any other thing around me.

I found that application is also not so easy and mascara stains my eyelids. I need to clean my eyelids after application. Finally this mascara gives me pretty long lashes which lasts for long time but that's all. Some other mascaras have the same results. After few uses, I realized that it is going to dry in its pot but it looks OK on my eye lashes.

This mascara only last for 3 months after opening so it need to be finished quickly.

Final verdict, I realized that this mascara is not for me and I prefer to use traditional mascara which are much easier to use and give same results.

My Rating:2/5

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Prize from Kats Colourings Blog

My fellow beauty blogger Kat Shepsutt hosted a give away on her blog few days back and luckily I was the winner. Its first time I win any blog give away. I sent her an email on Thursday night about my mailing address, and today on Wednesday morning I have received my Prize, Its super quick.


Gorgeous Kat packed every thing nicely to protect from any damage. All the goodies inside are safe and sound. There is also a surprise gift inside- an Elle jewellery set which was not mentioned on blog give away but generous Kat send it to me.

The prize include 2 Lacura volume lip lacquer, 2 Lacura mineral cream blush, Chi Chi  eye shadow palette, Essano rosehip oil skin Care pack and Elle Jewellery set. I have not tried any of these product before, I am so excited to use all this make up and skin care. I have tried some items today and really like them. Lacura Lip lacquer looks beautiful, they are made in Germany, highly pigmented and long lasting. Lacura cream blushes are also gorgeous, as having dry skin I prefer to use cream blushes. Chi Chi eye shadow is soft , creamy and highly pigmented too. Essano skin care pack is great to try before buy full size. Elle Jewellery set is very pretty and looks beautiful with my traditional dresses

Thanks Kat for sending me such a wonderful prize, I am just playing with all these goodies, Even my 4 year old daughter got excited about all this make up and jewellery.

Have a look at Kat's Beauty Blog, I hope you will find it very interesting.
Keep eye on her next blog give away and do not forget to enter next time:)
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