Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Australis Contouring and Highlight Kit AC ON TOUR review

Price: 16.95$ from Priceline, Kmart, Target and Big W

Finally I got this palette from Woden Priceline, It was always out of stock on my local Priceline store.
The Palette has nice strong black packing with out mirror. It is big enough and contain a decent amount of products. Most of the shades are creamy and buttery, and easy to apply. All the shades are highly pigmented and only one swipe is enough to show the colour. The top row shades are actually my favourite, they are used to achieve perfect illuminating face. The three shades on the bottom are dark, more powdery and look little bit patchy on application. While I have seen that colour pay off is also different on different skin tones. In the bottom row shades, only middle one is suitable for me as countouring powder, it looks dark on my light skin tone but I use very little amount. I used it in many different ways and found that this product can be used as Face powder, Eye shadows, Brow powder.  
  • First one shade in top row is same to my skin colour and perfectly works as face powder. 
  • To cover under eyes, shade No2 banana powder  can be used as concealer . 
  • For strobing shade No 3  is for highlighting and illuminating effect.
  • In the bottom row different shades of brown can be used as matte eye shadows and very dark brown colour can be used as brow powder.
Overall, I love the top row three shades but the dark shades are not very impressive, but still workable. For the price, I must say that quality is very good and it is all in one palette. It will not affect your budget and it is very convenient to use a single product in different ways.

I recommend it for every one, but it will not work for those who have very dry skin or have very fair complexion. For contouring, dry skin beauties can use cream version of this product.

My Top Five skin care products (high end version)

Here are my top 5 all time favourite skin care products

Trilogy Very Gentle Moisturising Cream (37.99$): Works very well with my dry sensitive skin, even I feel that it improves the moisture level of my skin. I bought it on 40% off Priceline sale.
Philosophy Purity made simple one step Cleanser(15$): Very gentle cleanser, removes make up with out striping my skin.
L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream(12$): One of the best hand creams I have ever used. Even I used it on my feet and they are very soft.
Estee Lauder Adnace Night Repair (95$): This cult beauty product works great with my dry sensitive skin but it is very expensive. I only need small amount to apply on my face, I hope this little bottle will last for long time.

Alpha-H Protection plus daily SPF50+ (62$): Provides intense hydration and sun protection with matte finish. It is very easy to apply, unlike other sunblock it does not leave white layer on my skin. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

My top 5 Winter Skin Care Products(drugstore version)

Winters are very harsh in Canberra and its not easy to find good products for sensitive skin types. Normally I do not experiment much with my skin care regime because having sensitive skin, I prefer to use old favourites. Here are my top 5 favourite skin care products which work great with my dry sensitive and in harsh winters.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil: Cult beauty product, I am currently using it and really impressed with the results. It is a non greasy oil which provides hydration, works as anti-aging serum and improves the quality of my skin.

Garnier Pure 3 in one Wash+Scrub+Mask: I use it as scrub, it has tiny beads and its very gentle on skin(I do not recommend it to use as regular wash).

Nuetrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser: An other winner from Neutrogena, Suitable for all skin types. It is very gentle cleanser and it can be used by all family members.

Puretopea Sensitive Skin Moisturiser:  A non greasy moisturiser, provide intense hydration with anti-aging benefits, it is suitable for all skin types.

Aveeno Body Lotion: Great for sensitive skin types, I used it on my hands and feet as well and they are super soft.

I hop you will not be disappointed if you try any of these products:)



Friday, July 24, 2015

Revlon PhotoReady™ Insta-Fix foundation in Shell*

 Price: 29.95$ from Priceline, Chemist warhouse, Big W Target and Supermarkets

Revlon PhotoReady™ Insta-Fix foundation in Shell

Revlon PhotoReady™ Insta-Fix foundation comes in sleek black packing with twist function. This foundation stick is handy, ideal for handbag and great for touch ups. I have tried shade Shell which was closest  to my skin tone.

This foundation has smooth creamy texture and glides nicely on my skin.  It is not sticky  and  very easily to apply, but not very easy to blend. First I try to blend it with fingers but it does not work than I try sponge which works well. As I have also used Maybelline stick foundation in the past and really like it. Revlon foundation is  different in its texture, It is a bit hard and not so creamy (Cold weather in Canberra makes it harder). I think this product is more suitable to use in spring/summer.  I also realise that few swaps are not enough for my entire face, I need to use a good amount to cover my entire face. It  has strong smell which disappear after application. This foundation is non transferable, I have not found it staining my clothes.

This foundation gives flawless skin with matte finish. It does not oxidize and gives me light to medium coverage . It covers light acne marks, redness, blue veins and brown spots very well. It also blurs large pores,fine lines,and minimise their appearance. The only problem with this foundation is  "It clings into dry patches and  highlights them, even I use it over my normal moisturiser". I find that this foundation works better after using scrub and rich moisturiser on dry areas.  Using a good primer underneath also works well with this product.

Overall It looks  natural on my skin without giving heavy or cakey finish.  I do not need to use setting powder over it because it gives almost cream to powder finish. It has very good staying power and lasts for more than 8 hours on my skin. Even I do not need to reapply it through out the day. I have used it regularly for almost 6 day, and have not find any bad reaction, irritated eyes or breakout. As I have sensitive skin and many products do react with my skin but Revlon foundation works well with my skin type.

For best results, I recommend to  use a good quality primer underneath. Those who have combination skin should use scrub and  rich moisturiser on dry patches before applying this foundation

This product works great for oily, combination, and normal skin types. I do not recommend it for those who have severe acne or have dry skin.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

L'oreal Infalible Powder in Sand Beige

Price:29.95$ from Big W, Priceline, and super markets

Loreal Infalible powder comes in a square transparent plastic compact with mirror and sponge inside. It is fragrance free, silky and finely milled.  It is also very pigmented, a soft touch to the powder is enough for use.

Actually I was pleasantly surprised when I used it for the first time.  It gives me silky, velvety and flaw less skin. It does not settle into fine lines, pores and does not emphasis dry patches of my skin. It perfectly blends into my skin, with out looking chalky and unnatural. I used it alone with out foundation but it gave me perfect skin with out looking fancy powdery. It has decent staying power, on my dry to normal skin it lasts up to 7 hours.  I think that you will need touch-ups if you have oily skin.

I like with this powder, this is one of the best powders I have ever used. The only problem is its packing which is very delicate,  it can easily break in my bag. I wish this powder comes in a strong sleek packing

This powder will be for you If you have normal, dry, combination or mature skin. This product is not for you if you have very oily skin and you live in a very hot humid weather.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Benefit Fake Up Concealer in Light

Price: 37$ from Myer and Adore beauty

 Benefit Fake Up Concealer in Light

Benefit Fake Up Concealer comes in silver stick with pink design. It is available in three different shades Light, Medium, and Dark.  The lipstick style packing is very easy to use. The stick has pigmented creamy concealer in the center which is surrounded by a solid moisturizier.

I swipe it directly under eyes and blend out with fingers.The concealer stick melts into skin when contact It is very buttery and  moisturising on my dry skin. It gives light to medium coverage and covers under eyes really very well. It does not dry out, does not settle into fine line and gives bright luminous eyes. But it does not cover acne marks, red patches, dark brown spots and blue veins.  It has average staying power and does not last for very long time on my face. 

Overall, I like this concealer, it delivers its claim. It works really very well as under eye concealer but it can not be used to cover acne, brown spots or very dark under eye areas.

It is great for those who have  slightly dark circles, fine lines, puffiness, and dryness around their eyes. I highly recommend it for dry or mature skin beauties. This product is not recommended for those who have oily skin or want full coverage concealer.

My Rating:4/5
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