Sunday, March 8, 2015

Matrix Oil Wonders hair care review

I have colour treated dry damage hair and this hair care work very well with my hair. I have tried Matrix Oil Wonders rang and really impress with the results. Here is a quick review of this rang.

Matrix Oil Wonders Micro Oil Shampoo

Price:Price:19.95$ from Price Attack
The shampoo has nice and easy to use packing. It is transparent and has runny consistency. I need small amount for my medium length hair. It leather very well and rinse easily with out leaving any residue. It leave my hair very soft and silky. It does not strip my hair colour and it make my hair easy to manage. Even i do not need to use conditioner after using this shampoo.

Matrix Oil Wonders Oil Conditioner

Price: Price:19.95$ from Price attack
It comes in a tube packing which is very easy to use. It is creamy and has thick consistency.  It stays on my hair with out dripping and rinse easily. Just like shampoo It make my hair silky,soft and easy to manage.

Matrix Oil Wonders Amazonian Murumuru Controlling Oil

Price:19.95$ from Price Attack
Its results are very similar to shampoo and conditioner. It has nice and easy to use packing. It is yellowish transparent oil and has thick consistency. It applied smoothly on my hair and  give me beautiful hair

Note: You only need small amount of all of these product, using too much product leave your hair very oily.

I found that all of these products are bit expensive but i must say all of them are great too. But if you are on budget you can use one of these products as all of them have same results. I must say that the shampoo is best of all as after using it, my hair are beautiful and even i do not need to use conditioner or oil.
My Rating:5/5
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