Thursday, January 22, 2015

Benefit Benetint blush review

Price: 55$ from Myer and Adore Beauty

Benefit Benetint blush has very different packing, it comes in a round glass pot with brush, it looks like a nail polsih. (My 3 years daughter think that its nail polish and always asked me to use). The packing is not very easy to use, you need to be care full, bottle can be easily fall down and product can be wasted.

                                                          Benefit Benetint Swatch
                                                                         Swatch after blending

I had high hopes from this blush because his blush is rated best on Paula's choice website. I have never used liquid blush and this one is my first one.

Benefit Benetint is rose coloured liquid check blush and can be used as lip stain. The product itself has runny watery consistency and has pleasant rosy smell. Its colour looks red in its bottle (with out shimmer) and gives matte colour to my checks.  I applied few strokes with its own brush, I find that it is not so easy to blend and I need to work hard to blend it  it but still it applied unevenly on my checks. It gives rosy colour but It does not really very well with my dry skin, it highlights my pores (it looks like it seeps into my pores) and cling to my dry patches (although I applied it after using moituriser). It last for the whole day on my checks and I do not need to reapply it, but overall it does not look good on my face.

I used it as lip stain but I find it bit drying on my lips, it did last for long time there but I was more interested to use this expensive product as blush.

Finally this product doesnot work for me, Its good that I tried it in sample size, otherwise I feel so bad to spend 55$ on useless product. I think that this product can work for normal and oily skin ( I have dry skin) or for those who have flawless skin.

My Rating:2/5

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Manicare shadow brush and Powder puffs

Manicare Applicator Shadow Brush       
 Price:6.99$ from Priceline, chemist warehouse and selected pharmacies

I bought it from priceline as I was interested to explore Australian brands with affordable price tag. I am happy that I do not have to pay big amount for this good quality brush(I bought it during 40% off sale). The brush comes in a nice secure packing. It has long plastic hand which is easy to use, while hair of the brush are very soft. I apply eye shadow with it while it pick the right amount of shadow and it applied smoothly. It work well on all kinds of eye shadows but when it is used on bad quality eye shadows, there is some fall out. Its hair does not shed after many uses. I really like this product and recommend it for those who are looking an affordable eye shadow brush.
My Rating:4/5

Manicare Powder Puffs
Price:4.49$ from Priceline, chemist warehouse and selected pharmacies
These powder puffs are great, they are reasonably priced and their quality is also very good. The pack comes with two puffs. They are soft and easy to apply due to handle on its back. They are also great to use with any type of powder. When this puff come into contact with powder, it holds the right amount of product ,which make it very efficient. I really like this puffs, as due to dry sensitive skin, I always use puffs. I highly recommend it for those who like to use powder puffs with afforable price tag.
Both of these products were purchased during 40% off Manicare rang offer, I highly recommend it buying during sale, other wise they will cost you a bit higher.
My rating:4/5

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Violet Box December 2014

I received my first violet box and I am impressed with the contents of the box. I paid 12.95$ for this box using VIOLET BOX 10 code  and my box is valued over 80$. Last year I subscribed to Bella box but really disappointed with them as they send me leftover products of previous months.

My Violet box comes in a attractive packing, it also included information card.

Coastal Scents Go Pallete RRP $16.95: I love this eye shadow palette, normally I use pink and plum eye shadow. All shades are highly pigmented and blend smoothly.

Mellow Cosmetics Gel Liner RRP $10.00: I have never tried gel eyeliner, I have used this and really impressed with the quality.

Lonvitalite 24K Active Gold Yulan Oil Face Mask RRP $9.95: Facial mask is an other item that everyone loves to have.

Naobay Oxygenating Cream Moisturiser RRP $69.00 for 50ml: I got 30 ml sample of moisturizer which is decent size to try.

Designer Brands Lashes RRP $8.99: Sadly I missed DB eyelashes but I have contacted them and they told me that i will receive it soon.

Overall, I am very satisfy with violet box, it is much better than other beauty boxes and all subscriber get the same products. My box contain 4 full size(Including eyelashes) products and one deluxe sample.  December violet box is valued around 87$ which is very good value of money.

Violet box subscription cost 22.95$ per month while annual membership cost 250$. I highly recommend this box for beauty lovers.
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