Monday, December 22, 2014

Lacura Caring Cleansing Wipes

Price: 2$ available only at AlDI supermarkets

I bought pink coloured wipes pack which was suitable for sensitive skin. They are very affordable wipes as for 2$ I got 30 well sized wipes. The wipes are soft and wet, feels gentle and removes all my makeup very well. They are big enough to cover entire face . They completely removes water proof mascara and eyeliner with out leaving my skin dry and dehydrated. They do not break me out or do not cause any irritation, they really work well for my sensitive skin.

I am so impressed with the result and highly recommend it for everyone. I am  happy to explore this good quality product at such a cheap price.

My Rating:5/5

Sleek i- devine palette Oh So Special

Price: 19.99$ from Target

 Swatches from left to right
Bow, Organza, Ribon, Gift Basket, Guitz, Celebrate

Pamper,Gateau,The Mail,Boxed, Wrapped up,Nior

The palette has nice packing with mirror and sponge tip brush. But I use my own brushes to apply shadows.

The quality of eyeshadows are amazing, they are super pigmented, creamy and finely milled. They are applied and blended beautifully with out any fall out. They last for long time on my eyes with out fading or smudging. The palette contain variety of shades like matte, shimmers and metallic.

The shade selection of this palette is an other winner, all shadse are wearable and they look great on medium skin tone as well as on fair skin beauties.

After using this pallette for months I realise that it can be "All in one palette". The darker shades like Nior,Wrapped up,and Boxed can be used as brow powder and eyeliners, while two pink and peachy shades Pamper andRiibon can be used as blush.

I must say that its quality is very similar to The balm eye shadows but they are much cheaper than balm. I highly recommend it for every one who is looking for affordable eye shadows. Believe me you will not be disappointed with its quality

My Rating:5/5

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Models Prefer Eye Shadow Palette

Price: 10$ form Priceline

This is a limited edition eye shadow palette and available in 3 different range. I bought day to night palette which looks suitable for my skin tone.

The palette has strong lovely tin packing which is perfect dupe of UD naked. It comes with mirror and dual ended brush. The brush itself is also very soft and can be used to apply these shadows.The palette close tightly and perfect for traveling.


Swatches from left to right with Flash
  Swatches from left to right with out Flash

The shade selection of Day to Night palette is great for all skin tones. It contain 12 eye shadow which include beige, rust, brown and gray. Only three shadow are matte while other are shimmery. The quality of eye shadows are very good, they are well pigmented but little bit powdery. They applied and blend easily with little fall out. Darker shades are more pigmented than lighter shades. two light shades are not very visible and also look chalky on my skin tone while other look perfect upon application.

I really like this palette, for 10$, I think its a steal. I have tried some other drugstore eye shadows but this palette is much better than other brands.

I highly recommend it for every one,who is looking for affordable eye shadows palette. It is great for all skin tones and you can create different looks with variety of colours

My Rating: 4/5

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