Wednesday, February 26, 2014

BB Cream Reviews (Drugstore Version)

I have tried 5 different BB cream, some of them worked very well for me while others are a bit disappointing.

 Palmers evenetone(light) ,Garnier miracle skin perfector(light),Revlon photoready(light medium),Maybelline dream Pure(light/medium),Ponds age miracle(light)  -  Swatches Left to right
                                                                  After blending in Sun light
Palmers evenetone(light),Garnier miracle skin perfector(light),Revlon photoready(light /medium), Maybelline dream pure(light/medium), Ponds age miracle(light)  -  Swatches Left to right
                                                                    After blending in artificial light
Palmers evenetone(light) ,Garnier miracle skin perfector(light),Revlon photoready(light /medium), Maybelline dream pure(light/medium), Ponds age miracle(light)  -  Swatches Left to right

Palmers BB cream (light).The BB cream itself is not so bad, but the shade rand is terrible. Light is too light while dark is too dark for me.
Garnier Skin Perfector BB cream (light). This BB cream is perfect for dry skin and looks good on my face but light shade is still dark for Caucasian girls.  It is highly fragranced and contain Alcohol as one of the main ingredients which does not impress me.
Revlon Photoready BB cream ( Medium/light): This shade looks Orange on my face. In terms of application and finish it is very similar to Garnier BB cream. But sadly it irritated my eyes.
Maybelline Dream pure 8 in 1 BB cream( Medium/light): This is formulated for oily skin while I have dry skin but still I like it. Available in two shades Light and Medium/Light which are suitable for fair to olive skin tones.I really like this cream, it provide medium coverage with matte finish.
Ponds BB cream (Light): Now it is available in Beige shade. I love its finish and staying power, it gives matte finish similar to Maybelline BB cream.. It also contain some skin beneficial ingredients.

Final Verdict: I must say that In all these BB creams Maybelline Dream pure 8 in 1 is the winner for young girls while Ponds bb cream is winner for those women who are looking anti aging ingredients. Both BB cream provide medium coverage with matte finish. Revlon, Garnier and Palmers are very similar in terms of finish and application. They provide light coverage with dewy finish.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Revlon Photoready BB cream Review

Price: 25$ from Priceline, Chemist warehouse, Target, Big W and pharmacies.
I had high hopes from this bb cream due to its price. I bought it in light/ medium shade, which worked for me. Its a little bit orange so will not be suitable for cool skin tones


Revlon BB cream Swatch
                            Revlon BB cream in Light/Medium  and  Garnier BB cream Light
Revlon BB cream comes in easy to use pretty silver tube. It has silky creamy texture which blends into my skin easily. It gave light coverage, (as I do not need full coverage)  with dewy finish which was suitable for my dry skin. It did not highlight dry patches of my face and did not break me out. Its texture, consistency and application reminds me of Garnier BB cream. It give me the same result which Garnier BB cream gave me. The only difference is its skin beneficial ingredients and better SPF ingredients which does matter for all beauty lovers. Paul's choice rate it one of the best BB creams so I was expecting a little bit more but in terms of application I must say that it is similar to Granier BB cream. If you like Garnier BB cream you will like it.

The bad thing about this BB cream is that, it irritated my eyes. My eyes were red and irritated after applying it, this problem really put me off from this cream. Even I tried avoiding eye areas but still there was some irritation in my eyes. I am so disappointed, not expecting this from such a high price drugstore product. I am not interested to use it any more, I will give it to my friend or sister.

I can not give rating to this product because it does not work for me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Drugstore Products Alert

I have just found that some exciting drugstore products have launched in Australia.

Loreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur Finishing Cream
Price: 24.99$
I am so excited about this product, I have red very good reviews about this cream. It is also reasonably priced in Australia, as 35ml tube is sold for 25$ in USA

Loreal Paris Shine Balmy Gloss
Price: 16.95$
Loreal's first lip Crayon, comes in 6 beautiful shades.
Add shine and colour to your lips on the go with Glam Shine Balmy Gloss.

Loreal Paris Colour Riche Couleur de Crayon

Garnier BB cream Anti Aging Light and Medium
An other BB cream from Garnier, I hope it will contain some skin beneficial ingredients without high concentration of Alcohol.

Ponds BB age Miracle Anti Aging Expert Cream (Beige)
Price: 13.99$
I have used this bb cream in light shade, it is one of the best BB creams. A little bit pricy but it often goes on sale. I am happy that more ladies can try it now because Beige will be suitable for them.

Garnier Moisture Match Cream
Price: 9.99$
Four different types of creams are available in this range which is suitable for normal, combination dry and oily skin types.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Fight & Fade Spot Gel

Price: 16$ from Priceline and other pharmacies


It comes in a cute orange tube packing which is very to use. It really work well to prevent and cure acne. It has gel like consistency. I do not have too many pimples, just one or two during That time of the month. It helps to dry pimples and calm inflammation. I apply it on my ingrown pimples, it prevent them from further expansions and also cure them. It does not irritate my sensitive but I always apply it over my normal moisturiser. This little15ml tube last for ages which makes it inexpensive effective treatment. I have also applied it on my post acne marks but I can not see noticeable improvement.

I will not recommend it for sensitive skin types, because it may irritate them. It also contain Alcohol which is not good for long term use. I like this product, it is good for those who have occasional breakouts, for serious acne you should consult to your GP

Note: Apply a very thin layer of gel, if you apply too much it can be harmful for you skin.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Empties December/ January

If you read my blog you will know that I have been shopping beauty products since boxing day. I think I should join project pan and finish those products which I already own. I feel that skin care is easy to finish while make up take ages to be finished.
I have finished few products in last two months, I have collected all my trash to take photos.

Sukin Sensitive facial Moisturiser: I love this moisturiser, I already have two bottles in stock.
Nuetrogena Oil free acne wash: This cleanser is a good for oily acne prone skin, I just used it few time but this is not for my skin type. Will repurchase: No
La prairie Lip balm: My husband got it when he was traveling with Etihad. (They give a box full of goodies to their business class passenger). It is a moisturising lip balm, I really love it but it is not available in Australia.
Korres hand and body lotion: This is an other product from Etihad box, I kept this travel size lotion in  my hand bag.Will repurchase: No
Max factor lipfinity top coat: Moisturising top coat.Will repurchase: No, I already own top coat from an other brand.
Aveda Invati exfoliating Shampoo: I like this shampoo, its good for sensitive scalp but its so expensive.Will repurchase: No
Clear total nourishing shampoo: Clear sent me 2 packs of their shampoo& conditioner by mistake. I have  finished one shampoo and this is my second. I have already repurchased it.
Rimmel long lasting finish Nail polish: I bought it during 50% off sale and i really love this nail polish.Will repurchase: Yes, I got one in Rimmel Christmas pack.
Rosehip oil plus rosehip oil: It works well on dry areas of my face.Will repurchase: No, I have purchased trilogy rosehip oil during 40% off skin care sale.
Grace Cole Boutique collection body lotion: Love this body lotion, it quickly absorbs into my skin with out leaving greasy layer, I will review it soon.Will repurchase: No, i already have lots of body lotions.

Palmers BB cream: This BB cream is OK not so good not so bad. Will repurchase: No
Clearsil face Wash: This makes my skin dry and dehydrated, i do not like it much.Will repurchase: No
Maybelline Bb cream: I like this bb cream but it is not for my skin type.Will repurchase: No
Loreal Ever Pure moisture Leave in Conditioner: It makes my hair a bit greasy, Garnier miracoculous is much better than that.Will repurchase: No
Enya Body Wash: It is sold sround 3$, its a good body wash and does not leave my skin dry. Will repurchase: No

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kmart makeup Haul

Last week I went to Westfield Belconnen to buy some groceries. I only need a nail polish remover and I pick it from Priceline for 2$. I visited Kmart to buy some stuff for my home, I had no plan to buy any make up items (because I already have tons of makeup). But i could not help myself because of such massive reduction on makeup.

I went there with my two years old daughter and it was so difficult to shop makeup with my little one, I did not have much time to select product so I just picked some stuff which attracted me at first glance. Face products foundations, powders and concealers were already sold out while other make up products were still on shelves.

Kmart Makeup
Rimmel Blush Tuscany: 2$ (normal price 10$)
Rimmel Blush Genuine Plum: 2$ (normal price 10$)
Maybelline Expert Wear eye shadow Enchanted Forest: 5$  (normal price 15$)
Maybelline colour sensational lip liner Plum: 2$ (normal price 8.5$)
BYS Automatic eyeliner pencil:2$  (I am not confirmed about its normal price, may be it 4-5$)

Australis Nail Polish Remover: 2$ (normal price 5$)

Total Amount:15$

I think I should join Project pan on BH, otherwise I cannot resist these kinds of offers and my make up stash will be getting overloaded

What do you think about this haul, is't it really very affordable prices? I wish make up in Australia normally sold at these prices. Love to hear about you haul.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

David Jones Deluxe Sampler Tote A/W 2014

David jones offer deluxe sampler tot twice a year when their beauty book releases. You can purchase DJ deluxe sampler tote for 19.95$ with any beauty purchase. I bought it with option B because it contain some makeup and I really want to try thebalm blush and Laura Mercier Primer. As I already own heaps of makeup and skin care so i was not interested to buy any beauty product. I bought solid perfume for 2.50$ from clearance bin to qualify. The tote itself was big and ideal for shopping, it has claps and a pocket for mobile. August 2013 tote was also very useful but smaller in size. Any way I was interested in samples not in tote itself.
My bag contain these 14 products
  1.              David Jones Beauty Milk & Honey Moisturising Cream 60ml. 
  2.              David Jones Beauty Milk & Honey Body Wash 60ml. 
  3.              Kiehls powerfull wrinkle and pore reducing Cream 7ml
  4.              Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Body Milk 50ml
  5.              OPI Nail Lacquer 3.75ml.
  6.              Kosmea Rosehip Oil 3ml.            
Option B
  1.              The Balm Hot Mama Blush 1g
  2.              Laura Mercier foundation Primer14.5ml
  3.              Dermalogica Age smart Multivitamin Thermafoliant 15ml
  4.              Waleda Skin food 10ml
  5.              Aveda Invati Shampoo 10ml
  6.              Aveda Invati Conditioner10ml
  7.              Natio Spa recovery Hand scrub full size
  8.              Live clean fresh face soothing daily Moisturiser 30ml
  9.              Laura Mercier foundation sample pot (empty)

Sampler Tote
                                    I bought David Jones solid perfume for 2.50$ to qualify for tote
            All samples in my tote (option B)
                          Facial skin care products
Hand and body care
Make up
My local DJ does not have Laura Mercier counter, I could not get foundation sample. May be I will visit DJ city center to avail this offer.

I love The balm blush and Kiehls cream,they are tiny and cute, I put this with full size Rimmel  blush to give you the idea of its size.
The samples of this tote is great and I must say that DJ improved their tote a lot. It is one of the best tote they offer, I have also own their August 2013 tote and used it during travelling but the latest one is worth buying. I think this one is better than subscription boxes because you can see whats inside and all brand are high end. You will not be disappointed with this deal.

What do you think about this Sampler Tote? Love to hear from you :)

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