Monday, December 22, 2014

Lacura Caring Cleansing Wipes

Price: 2$ available only at AlDI supermarkets

I bought pink coloured wipes pack which was suitable for sensitive skin. They are very affordable wipes as for 2$ I got 30 well sized wipes. The wipes are soft and wet, feels gentle and removes all my makeup very well. They are big enough to cover entire face . They completely removes water proof mascara and eyeliner with out leaving my skin dry and dehydrated. They do not break me out or do not cause any irritation, they really work well for my sensitive skin.

I am so impressed with the result and highly recommend it for everyone. I am  happy to explore this good quality product at such a cheap price.

My Rating:5/5

Sleek i- devine palette Oh So Special

Price: 19.99$ from Target

 Swatches from left to right
Bow, Organza, Ribon, Gift Basket, Guitz, Celebrate

Pamper,Gateau,The Mail,Boxed, Wrapped up,Nior

The palette has nice packing with mirror and sponge tip brush. But I use my own brushes to apply shadows.

The quality of eyeshadows are amazing, they are super pigmented, creamy and finely milled. They are applied and blended beautifully with out any fall out. They last for long time on my eyes with out fading or smudging. The palette contain variety of shades like matte, shimmers and metallic.

The shade selection of this palette is an other winner, all shadse are wearable and they look great on medium skin tone as well as on fair skin beauties.

After using this pallette for months I realise that it can be "All in one palette". The darker shades like Nior,Wrapped up,and Boxed can be used as brow powder and eyeliners, while two pink and peachy shades Pamper andRiibon can be used as blush.

I must say that its quality is very similar to The balm eye shadows but they are much cheaper than balm. I highly recommend it for every one who is looking for affordable eye shadows. Believe me you will not be disappointed with its quality

My Rating:5/5

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Models Prefer Eye Shadow Palette

Price: 10$ form Priceline

This is a limited edition eye shadow palette and available in 3 different range. I bought day to night palette which looks suitable for my skin tone.

The palette has strong lovely tin packing which is perfect dupe of UD naked. It comes with mirror and dual ended brush. The brush itself is also very soft and can be used to apply these shadows.The palette close tightly and perfect for traveling.


Swatches from left to right with Flash
  Swatches from left to right with out Flash

The shade selection of Day to Night palette is great for all skin tones. It contain 12 eye shadow which include beige, rust, brown and gray. Only three shadow are matte while other are shimmery. The quality of eye shadows are very good, they are well pigmented but little bit powdery. They applied and blend easily with little fall out. Darker shades are more pigmented than lighter shades. two light shades are not very visible and also look chalky on my skin tone while other look perfect upon application.

I really like this palette, for 10$, I think its a steal. I have tried some other drugstore eye shadows but this palette is much better than other brands.

I highly recommend it for every one,who is looking for affordable eye shadows palette. It is great for all skin tones and you can create different looks with variety of colours

My Rating: 4/5

Thursday, October 23, 2014

thaBalm Hot Mama Blush/Shadow

Price: 27.95$ from Adore beauty, David jones, and bellabox website.

thaBalm Hot Mama blush has cute card board packing which closed tightly.

Hot mama blush is a kind of golden peach.  Its colour is very close to NARS orgasm (I do not own NARS blush but bloggers mark it as NARS dupe).The blush is highly pigmented, finely milled, creamy and easy to apply. It is not sheer and gives medium to full coverage. You do not need to rub brush on it, only light touch to the product can give you desire amount. The blush applied evenly on my checks and blends beautifully. It gives me peachy colour to my  checks and its shimmer works as highlighter on my check bones. I also used it as an eye shadow and it also look beautiful  as eye shadow.

This blush works really very well with my dry skin, it does not highlight or cling to my dry patches. It last for the whole day on my checks and i do not need to reapply it.

The only con of this blush is its shimmer which can highlight open pores or acne scares. All blushes with shimmer have this issue.

I really like this products, it work great with my warm skin tone. I highly recommend this blush for every one. This is fragrance free and ideal for sensitive skin.

My Rating:5/5

Collective Haul

After a long I purchase some beauty products. I spend around 25$ for all these lovely goodies.

Big W has 4$ off sale on Face of Australia product. I have red very good review about their liquid eyeliner and it cost me around 4$ which is very cheap. FOA blush and highlight kit is also on sale and cost me around 6$. Covergirl lip gloss was on clearance at Coles and it was only 5$

Last but not the least, models prefer eye shadow kit, I bought it for 10$. After reading a lovely beauty blogger Basmah's post about this palette, I can not resist buying it. It has strong tin packing and colour selection is also great.

I hope you like my haul, if you are a fan of FOA, you should visit big W, there are so many lovely product with amazing price tag.

Monday, October 20, 2014

thaBalm Voyage palette review

Price: 49.95$ from David Jones

I bought theBalm Voyage palette on boxing day as it was on special and down to 34.50$ from 49.94$. I am using this palette for last few months and really found it a great. 

According to the balm website

" It is a travel-friendly palette that contains 16 jet-setting shadows paired with 3 lip and cheek creams that stow away conveniently in your carry on"

Swatches from left to right A4, B4,C4,D4


Second Officer, First Officer,Captain 

thaBalm Voyage Palette has cute cardboard packing with mirror inside, there are two different flap tops for eye shadows and check creams. The palette is very light weight and can be easily carried in my bag. The eye shadows can be used as wet or dry.  I have not used them with wet brush, as I do not like to use water on my make up products, it is more hygienic to use them with dry brushes. All these swatches are with dry brushes.

The quality of these eye shadows is really very good, they are creamy, silky, highly pigmented, easily applied and blended with very little fall out. They do not smudge or faded after hours. They last for long time even with out using primer. The check colours are also very pigmented and creamy. They last for long time on my checks, but they feel bit dry on my lips,still they last there for hours.

I like this palette, its versatile and you can create different looks with variety of colours. It contains  different kinds of shades like matte, shimmers and metallic.

The only down side of this palette is, its colour selection, I found that the shade selection is more suitable for fair skin beauties as some shades are not wearable for all skin tones. Some colours are very light and looks almost invisible and chalky on my olive skin tone. You can see in swatches that B1,C1,D3,A3 are not flattering for light/medium or dark skin tones.

I highly recommend it for fair skin beauties and for those who are looking for palette with variety of different shades.This palette contain shades which can create nude, classic, glamorous, or natural look.

My Rating:4/5

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Models Prefer CC Cream review

Price: 16.99$ from Priceline

Models Prefer unbelievable Colour Corecting CC cream  comes in a cute small tube. It is available in three shades, Light, Light/medium and Medium. Before trying this CC cream I have used Almay CC cream and I was happy with that one. I found that CC creams are more useful than BB cream, as they give medium coverage and even out skin tone while BB creams are very sheer and do not cover imperfections.

Swatch after blending on right side- you can see it covers red and uneven skin

Light/ medium shade shade looks perfect for my skin tone, It is very neutral shade not pinkish or orange. CC cream has pleasant smell which disappeared after application. I apply it after using my normal moisturiser (because I have dry skin). It has silky creamy texture which apply smoothly on my face. It is very easy to blend and I need only few seconds to apply it on my entire face. It instantly evens out my skin tone and gives me fresh flawless skin. It covers light acne marks, red patches and light brown spots on my face. It gives me matte fresh look, it is not  illuminating or shiny. Also I feel that it also help to hide my pores and gives smooth skin. It has very good staying power and last on my face for up to 8 hours. I used it regularly for a month and it did not broke me out or cause any negative reaction.

 I really happy to explore this wonderful product. I found that this CC cream is more suitable for those who have normal or oily skin while those who have dry skin can use it over their normal moisturiser. I highly recommend it for every one who is looking for affordable CC cream.

My rating: 5/5

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Mono Blush

Price: 9.95$ from Priceline, Chemist warehouse, Coles, Woolworths. Big W, Target.

Few months back I bought Rimmel blushes from Kmart for only 2$ (Kmart Haul). I am using them for last few months and really love them.

 Rimmel blush has plastic packing with small brush. The brush is very standard not super quality but can be used for touch ups. I recommend using your own brush instead of this little one.

                                                             Genuine Plum and Tuscany

 Tuscany and Genuine Plum

                                                      Swatches L to R Tuscany and Genuine Plum

 Genuine Plum is a kind of semi matte pink. Tuscany is also semi matte brown colour which can be used as contouring. These blush are highly pigmented, finely milled and easy to apply.You do not need to rub brush on it, only light touch to the product can give you intense colour. These blushes give medium to full coverage. They apply evenly on my checks and blend beautifully. Genuine Plum gives me almost matte pink colour while Tuscany gives light brown colour which works well to apply under check bones for contouring. Both shades look natural on my skin tone. They give semi matte finish, and do not highlight open pores, acne scare or any other imperfection on my face. The only problem with these blushes are powder fall out upon application

This blush works really very well with my dry skin,  they do not highlight or cling to my dry patches. They last for the long time on my checks, and begin to fade after 5-7 hours, which is very decent time of wear.

Rimmel blush is available in four different shades, I find that Coral and Pink rose are also beautiful shades which are suitable for all skin tones. 

I really like this products, For the price I must say that its a must have budget buy. This blush is great for those who are looking semi matte blushes. I highly recommend this blush for every one. They are fragrance free and also suitable for sensitive skin.

My Rating:5/5

Friday, September 19, 2014

Free Samples

This week I have received some lovely surprises in my mail
 Sample pack from Beauty Heaven
Beauty heaven sent me sample pack of some great product (as I have completed their survey and was one of the first 400 winners)). I was not expecting a big pack of samples,but it was really big and heavy. It was also nicely packed in beautorium packing and contain one full size product Lady Jayne Tangleze which is valued at 13$. Thanks  BH for your generosity.
RevitaNail had some facebook promotion few months back finally they send me 14ml sample of nail strengthener which is valued at 14$.
Jo Malone sample was also posted on beauty heaven, it comes in cute packing.
Simple facial wipes are from pinch me.
L'Occitane hand cream Sample
Few weeks back L'Occitane celebrate Shea butter hand cream's birthday and they give vouchers to their Face Book  fans. I redeemed that at my local L'Occitane boutique and they gave me the set of cute 10ml hand creams in a pouch.

I hope you like these samples, its always nice to receive free samples in mail.
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