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Facts about anti aging

'Wow! This anti-aging cream really works!'

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 I have learned few things about Anti aging, I love to share my information with my readers.

Anti aging or Anti wrinkle: The word ant aging is quiet deceiving because no skin care product can perform anti aging activity. Aging is a natural process. your skin and body ages with time. there is not a single miracle product in market that disappear your wrinkles or will prevent you from wrinkling in the future. The most effective anti-aging skin care products just smooths appearance of wrinkles, maintain healthy skin and delay formulation of further wrinkles

Deceiving labeling: Now a days , you can find so many creams which claim to be anti-aging cream. Don't be deceived by these claims. there is not any criteria which can regulate the usage of label Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle. Any cream can claim to be anti wrinkle or anti aging.

Say No to Jar packing: Packing is the most important aspect of the face moisturiser. Jar packing can not keep ingredient stable and it can also be contaminated. When ingredients come into contact with the air and light , the  get degraded. Tube packing or pump packing keep the ingredients of the moisturiser stable. According to Puala Begoun "we 're referring to the need for opaque, non-jar packaging that demonstrates the manufacturer has made efforts to ensure the continuing potency of the key ingredients, particularly antioxidants and plant extracts, after you start using the product"

Night cream and Day cream: you do not need to buy separate creams for day and night. Our skin need the same nutrition during day and night. The only difference between day and night creams are  SPF. Day cream should have SPF 30+ while Night cream do not need SPF. But you can use same cream during day and night and add sunblock separately. Its better to buy sunblock separately because most of creams with Spf lack sufficient UVA coverage.

Look at the ingredients: Be aware. Do a little research on anti-aging ingredients(you can visit beautypedia website and get information about ingredients) Look at the ingredient list of facial moisturiser, if they contain Anti aging ingredients then buy it. There are a number of different labels you come across, facial lotion, day cream, night cream, moisturizer, hydrating, eye creams, neck creams, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, lifting, firming, repairing, restoring, rejuvenating. do not be impress with these false claims. The best anti-aging cream should contain a mix of antioxidants, skin-repairing, and cell-communicating ingredients.

You do not need an eye cream. There is no research that indicate that your eye need a different type of skin care. They are part of your face and you can use your normal moisturiser on your eyes. but if you have puffy eyes , then you need an eye cream which tend to reduce puffiness.

Never skip sunblock: Sun exposure is the major cause of premature wrinkles and aging. Prevent your skin from sun  by using sunblock Spf 20 or higher. Make sure your sun block have sufficient UVA protection as well as UVB. Use sun block before putting moisturiser and let it absorb few minutes after application.

Use creams for your skin type: Always use products on your face which is suitable for your skin type. If you have oily skin, do not go for rich anti-aging creams because usually they make your skin more oily which can cause you break out. Facial serums are the best option for those who have oily skin.  People with dry skin can use rich creams and moisturiser. you can combine facial serum and moisturiser if you have dry skin and you want to give extra nutrients to your skin. Facial serums are better to use it at night before putting moisturiser.

Retinol: Retinol is a very effective ant aging ingredients but there is some issues with retinol. people with sensitive skin can not use it. Pregnant or breastfeeding women can not use it. while retinol should not be used during day time. So it is concluded that Retinol is not for every one. And it is not so simple to just buy retinol cream and start using it. Dermatologist recommendation is important for its use.

Do not chose skin care according to your age: Yes its is true. You will find that todays in the market there are different types of cream which claim to be suitable in your 20s, 30s, 40s and 50+. Do not be impressed by these claims, just look at the condition of your skin, type of skin care product and ingredients. For example if you have oily skin in your 40s and you use these cream, there are more chances that you will have acne breakouts, because these creams for 40s will make your skin oiler.

Be Realistic: There is no alternative for Botox, fillers and laser, so do not expect that these facial moisturisers will perform like them. Do not be trapped by the fancy words of Botox alternative or gradual fillers. Do not pay too much for those creams who claim to be alternative of Botox, fillers and laser.

I hope this post will increase your knowledge and honestly knowing the realty of anti aging creams makes me little bit Sad. But now my target is to age gracefully and do not expect dramatic results from skin care.

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